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petra1999 🌈 1 day ago

1 week of exams left until summer break starts! i'm sooo excited. my first free day will be PRIDE !

petra1999 🥺 5 days ago

can't wait for the next two weeks of exams to be over bc all i wanna do is play skyrim on my switch

petra1999 💤 18 days ago

i promise i'm not dead, just got a lot going on for uni. i'll be back in july

petra1999 🤖 34 days ago

the new doctor who episodes are kinda meh

petra1999 💔 36 days ago

i hate writing papers so much. not the writing part just the research. deep sigh

petra1999 😡 37 days ago

one day i will kill this professor

petra1999 🔥 41 days ago

some compilations I made are doing numbers on youtube YAY

petra1999 🐱 44 days ago

writing a story from a cat's POV for my creative writing class... i never truly left my warrior cats phase

petra1999 ✨ 46 days ago

went to a clothes exchange :) got rid of 3 old items and took home 2 new ones !

petra1999 ☀️ 50 days ago

woke up at 7am again, why won't my brain let me sleep

petra1999 👽 51 days ago

we ask if there's an exam for this class -> the professor doesn't know -> ?????

petra1999 🌧️ 51 days ago

rain rain rain

petra1999 💀 53 days ago

pinterest isn't working, kill me

petra1999 ☀️ 55 days ago

my life right now: uni, coding, stardew valley.

petra1999 👽 56 days ago

midterm exams are coming up ! but they should be easy

petra1999 😡 58 days ago

my professor is so unclear about what we need to do for our grade arghhh

petra1999 🥱 60 days ago

when will people stop recommending jQuery and table layouts? time to take things into my own hands

petra1999 🐶 66 days ago

been playing stardew valley all week

petra1999 🙂 69 days ago

just received an email i wrote to my future self 5 years ago!!!

petra1999 😭 71 days ago

got my first home assignment for film studies class and it's a 1500 word essay

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