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pizzacatdelights2 😭 2 days ago

Feeling sad right now because one of my favorties have been eliminated from this week's episode of Total Drama...

pizzacatdelights2 💀 4 days ago

Update: turns out two of the dead link buttons just changed their website name. I need to stop staying up past 3am...

pizzacatdelights2 😱 5 days ago

Just put 3 more link buttons on my 404 Sites Graveyard section of my Cool Links! page. What's the heck is going on!?!

pizzacatdelights2 🤔 5 days ago

Just find out another website I followed on Neocities left. This is concerning...

pizzacatdelights2 😱 10 days ago

Good news: I'm finally finshed writing my upcoming blog! Bad news: It's 19 pages LONG!!

pizzacatdelights2 😎 13 days ago

At least I have been waking up early as of late. Good for my sleep schedule.

pizzacatdelights2 🙃 21 days ago

Just unlocked a new fear: soda spilling on your carpet because it's been moved around in my bookbag for a half-an-hour. Ugh...

pizzacatdelights2 🔥 27 days ago

Oh boy, today's Nintendo Direct threw some punches! Mario and Luigi is back from the dead and Prime 4 is real! Like damn!

pizzacatdelights2 😯 28 days ago

Tomorrow is the Nintendo Direct. Hope I'll still be awake when it comes on...

pizzacatdelights2 📺 32 days ago

It look like my Total Drama brainrot is bad to the point I forgot my animes! At least I finally finished Delicious in Dungeon today!

pizzacatdelights2 🎶 36 days ago

Been blasting loud music from my headphone lately. My phone's headphone audio warning hates me.

pizzacatdelights2 🤒 41 days ago

But in unfortunate news, most of my family got food posioning over the weekend and it sucks!

pizzacatdelights2 🤩 43 days ago

Welp it's offical, my Total Drama special interest is back with a vengeance thanks to the new season!

pizzacatdelights2 😡 46 days ago

My $5 Dollar Store Crocs barely lasted two weeks before blowing it out too! I hate myself....

pizzacatdelights2 😡 47 days ago

Today, I got 5 mosquito bites from being on the back porch! I hate living in southern Texas and their summers...

pizzacatdelights2 🎮 49 days ago

It took me nearly 3 hours to beat the second to last level in Advance Wars (GBA Version)! Not looking foward to the last level...

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