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pizzacatdelights2 😱 4 days ago

Got a dentist appointment in less than 2 days. Time to mentally prepare myself by staying home!

pizzacatdelights2 😡 9 days ago

Can the Internet not suck for like, 2 seconds please!?!

pizzacatdelights2 💀 25 days ago

Today, I saw a Karen at the park aruging at the groundskeeper that he's actually trespassing. I noped out of there.

pizzacatdelights2 💻 28 days ago

Watching longplays of the Nancy Drew PC games that I never beat growing up and the 3D models has aged poorly!

pizzacatdelights2 😶 34 days ago

Feel a little better today, but now I feel empty inside.

pizzacatdelights2 💀 35 days ago

Just had a second meltdown after hearing MORE terrible things about my former favorite YouTuber. Fuck this...

pizzacatdelights2 ☀️ 36 days ago

The sun is out for the first time in a few days. And it won't be as cold either!

pizzacatdelights2 😭 38 days ago

Nintendo just announced that they're releasing a pink Switch Joy-Con set. I'm too broke to buy it...

pizzacatdelights2 🤔 40 days ago

I'm thinking about changing my About Me page again.

pizzacatdelights2 😶 42 days ago

After the last few days being stressful, I'm getting off of most social media accounts to clear my mind from the YouTuber scandal.

pizzacatdelights2 😭 43 days ago

Just have my first meltdown in 8 months. Fuck my life.

pizzacatdelights2 🙃 45 days ago

I woke up a few hours ago to hear that one of my favorite YouTuber is accused of being a creep and cheating on their partner! Sigh...

pizzacatdelights2 😡 46 days ago

This sucks. The hard freeze from last night, killed my plants in the greenhouse and I later broke a nail from chopping a garlic bulb!

pizzacatdelights2 ❄️ 47 days ago

I got a hard frezze warning on my phone and I live in Texas...

pizzacatdelights2 🙃 49 days ago

Was making a new layout for my website. Laptop was acting stupid and wasn't responding, so I force reset it. It wiped out my save. Ughhh!!!!

pizzacatdelights2 🌧️ 59 days ago

It was rainy and cold outside today, so I stayed in bed all day.

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