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pizzacatdelights2 😶 1 day ago

I think this is the first time in years that I slept for over 8 hours! Normally I'm asleep for 4-6 hours.

pizzacatdelights2 ❤️ 2 days ago

It's midnight where I'm at. This means today is my birthday!!!!

pizzacatdelights2 💀 3 days ago

I accidentally got spoilered a character's death from a series I heard before, but have no interest in watching. Hate that!!!

pizzacatdelights2 🥰 7 days ago

Heyo! I just reach 10 followers for my NeoCities webpage, nice! Thanks, I appreciate it.

pizzacatdelights2 🥰 10 days ago

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Nintendo announced that they're going to remastering "Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door"!!!