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itinerae 🥰 3 days ago

Pizza and meeting with friends todayy. ^_^

itinerae 💀 6 days ago

three months of winter still ahead..

itinerae 😇 8 days ago

Trying to be less time on the phone.. so I opened computer and maybe I could code something..

itinerae 🌧️ 10 days ago

super crappy weather to go outside for a walk..

itinerae ❄️ 12 days ago

I walked 11 km today !

itinerae ✨ 36 days ago

I'm coding another website

itinerae ✨ 45 days ago

Updated the "shye" section

itinerae 👀 55 days ago

Feeling better than yesterday, although my troubles are bigger than yesterday

itinerae ✨ 56 days ago

Happy new year?

itinerae 👀 61 days ago

Watching Godzilla on tv