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I like mcyt! Currently watching Hermitcraft Season 10 and Etho's LP. I post a lot about those guys on my Tumblr :3 gif of franny doing carameldansen


frannyboo 😭 11 days ago

wanna go back to working on my website but just not feeling it rn... i still like it and wanna do it but i just don't see the point ;-;

frannyboo 😶 115 days ago

dust sometimes sticks in the weirdest places man ._.

frannyboo 📺 140 days ago

Minecraft torch spam at night is like city lights but worse

frannyboo 🥰 156 days ago

life update i love pistachios now

frannyboo 🥳 172 days ago

I'm entirely redoing my website's homepage! >_<

frannyboo 🌱 174 days ago

overcame my picky eating today and ate a meatball. two meatballs.

frannyboo 📰 219 days ago

cleaning up my website...

frannyboo 🍫 248 days ago

watching etho's lp im on episode 68. chocolate island more like lag island

frannyboo 😭 304 days ago


frannyboo ❤️ 332 days ago

world needs more pink

frannyboo 📚 335 days ago

Cleaned my table today! I'm gonna have my own printer soon >:D

frannyboo 😴 473 days ago

trying to get used to following a schedule so my day isn't a mess. It's pretty hard!