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ulvehund 💀 3 days ago

Almost choked on noodles of

ulvehund 😱 4 days ago

Eww, a bug just flew on my leg oof

ulvehund ❤️ 10 days ago

Guess who's getting Mcdonalds >:3c

ulvehund 💤 24 days ago

I am so sleepy and tired >>

ulvehund 🌈 28 days ago

Just saw rainbow outside!

ulvehund ✨ 31 days ago

Just saw a car that had light on it's front wheel, which looked cool!

ulvehund 🌧️ 32 days ago

Make it rain, but instead of money, give me pokemon cards

ulvehund 🌧️ 36 days ago

Just when I was going to go out with my dog, it starts raining >:(

ulvehund 🥹 36 days ago

I am dizzy >___>

ulvehund 😱 43 days ago

Oh ew, guess I just got nose spray in my mouth

ulvehund 👀 52 days ago

I saw two small planes fly together today!👀

ulvehund ❤️ 53 days ago

Aww, I just saw a car that had a paw print on it🐾

ulvehund 😡 55 days ago

There's is a spider crawling on my mangas!!!

ulvehund 👀 56 days ago

I think I just saw a bat fly past my windows

ulvehund 👀 57 days ago

Just found my old ipod. Time to charge it.

ulvehund 😭 57 days ago

It sucks when I want to clean my room, but I'm. just low on energi

ulvehund 👀 62 days ago

Guess who just saw an eagle

ulvehund ❤️ 65 days ago

Just saw a Ferrari drive by💞

ulvehund 🥰 66 days ago

Guess who just burned their first CD!

ulvehund 😱 69 days ago

There's a goose screaming outside my window and it scared the crap out of me lol

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