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ulvehund 🥺 3 hours ago

I know it may be silly, I know it might be a bit childish....but I'd would love to have an box just filled with small pokemon plushies<3

ulvehund 😭 7 hours ago

Just hit my head ow >__<

ulvehund 🙃 1 day ago

Ok when did it become 3 am??

ulvehund 🥹 1 day ago

God I love cold air

ulvehund 🍦 3 days ago

Just saw the ice cream truck lol

ulvehund 💀 5 days ago

It's 4 am and my dad just turned on the tv and it was so loud it spooked me lol

ulvehund 🤩 6 days ago

Just saw a really cool old american car drive by. I didn't get to film it tho.

ulvehund 🥹 6 days ago

It's raining outside and it would have been nice to snug back to bed

ulvehund 😡 11 days ago

I hate it when an movie is like super dark, like visual. Like I can't see shit >:(

ulvehund 😭 11 days ago

My hand is hurting after coloring the drawing oof

ulvehund 🫖 16 days ago

Why are the mini oreo cute lol

ulvehund 🙂 17 days ago

New windows96 music came out today for like an hour ago👀!!!

ulvehund 😱 22 days ago

My box of snacks is getting empty :^(

ulvehund 💤 22 days ago

Time to zZzZz

ulvehund 🥹 23 days ago

God I miss the 3ds

ulvehund 💤 24 days ago

Time to zZzZzZzZzZz

ulvehund 🙂 24 days ago

I wanna draw *whines*

ulvehund 😯 25 days ago

I straight up keep forgetting what art I've have made oof

ulvehund 🫖 26 days ago

I want noodles but it's time for bed :^(

ulvehund 🥹 26 days ago

I cannot, for the life of me, remember games that I played and liked oof

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