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biggest procrastination enjoyer ever


unisonheart 🎲 6 days ago

today is wanshi's activation day (that's more or less birthday) wow

unisonheart 💾 16 days ago

OMFG i saw the beta for s rank wanshi and he's so beautiful....... can't wait when he comes to global (even though it'll take quite a while)

unisonheart 💤 70 days ago

haven't updated this in a long time. but i'm alive.... more or less

unisonheart 🌧️ 105 days ago

okay i take it back. my ass is NOT working

unisonheart 💾 110 days ago

i'm actually working on my site instead of procrastinating lately wow

unisonheart 💻 116 days ago

i'm always unsatisfied with how my site looks & that's why i'll remake it again even though it's not even published (this is killing me)

unisonheart 🎮 128 days ago

i have wanshi at nearly 7k bp now yay

unisonheart 🎶 195 days ago

song for prism released & it's sooo cool

unisonheart ✏️ 202 days ago

i was working on a school project for like 3 hours today. my back hurts.