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i COULD make this look nice but i'm kind of lazy ...


unisonheart 🌱 3 days ago

i managed to get a whole week free from school because i'm sick, which is quite good but at the same time it isn't

unisonheart 🌈 6 days ago

got a day off from school :3

unisonheart đŸŽļ 7 days ago

i've listened to PãƒģEãƒģT! just a moment ago & it was so good!!! reisai's songs never miss, it seems

unisonheart 📚 7 days ago

i also realized that i have a lot of homework to do today... i could have started doing some of it yesterday.

unisonheart 🎲 7 days ago

my headphones literally HAD to run out of battery when i found out that a new reisai song released. like that's so annoying.

unisonheart ❄ī¸ 8 days ago

i love winter so much

unisonheart 🎤 9 days ago

longya's voice is so heavenly...

unisonheart 🌙 12 days ago

okay i'm kinda feeling better now

unisonheart 🌧ī¸ 12 days ago

i'm feeling so fucking miserable

unisonheart đŸ’ģ 18 days ago

i'm back at coding! it's not too fast rn but i'm at least doing something

unisonheart đŸŽļ 19 days ago

i suck at rhythm games but song for prism released & it's so cool!!!

unisonheart ✏ī¸ 26 days ago

i was working on a school project for like 3 hours today. my back hurts.

unisonheart 🎮 29 days ago

i started playing reverse: 1999 today & the atmosphere of this game is so beautiful. yeah basically i'm obsessed.

unisonheart 💤 29 days ago

i'm at a huge loss of motivation rn... i think i'll have to take a break from like, everything. i need to calm down.

unisonheart đŸŽŦ 36 days ago

i completed watching hiacynt today & man. it obviously wasn't the best movie ever, but still it was so good

unisonheart đŸ’ģ 36 days ago

okay so i'm actually back to the initial layout of my site but i'll change the overall theme more

unisonheart 🌱 38 days ago

i decided to completely remake my site... even though i haven't even completed or published the initial layout