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greetings, dear wanderer! ˚⋆(੭⁺ˊᵕˋ੭∘) i'm maia, and this place is my little safe heaven to share thoughts i have through the days. most of them will sound a little depressive & sad, so i'm sorry in advance. anyways, enjoy all thoughts shared!

if you wish to leave me a message, recommend me a movie or a song, or whatever you're feeling like (be gentle & polite, please!) you can drop by my guestbook!

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mysardencut 💀 1 day ago

i'm dreading have to go to work all by myself. hopefully, they'll change my turn to morning.

mysardencut 💻 2 days ago

oh, i'm so happy! i've spent all day creating my bear blog. it's so cozy & cute! i can't wait to start blogging & sharing my thoughts there.

mysardencut ❄️ 4 days ago

his songs have made home in my heart & soul. what am i supposed to do with all this love i've kept inside me?

mysardencut 🌧️ 4 days ago

i shouldn't have expected much, but it doesn't make me less disappointed & disheartened.

mysardencut 📰 14 days ago

happy birthday, mom! i wish you all the good things in the world. my days are so much better knowing you're always there.

mysardencut 💀 14 days ago

i've been not feeling well lately. i'm trying to keep my thoughts ocuppied, but it's problem after problem. i'm exhausted.

mysardencut 📰 20 days ago

hey, i can't come in to work. i have to watch movies; write on my journal; read my books; discover new things to be obsessed with—

mysardencut 🌧️ 20 days ago

my mom is an truly angel. she deserves everything good the world can offer. i hope, someday, i'll be able to give her a better life.

mysardencut 💤 22 days ago

i don't want to sleep, but i have to.

mysardencut ❄️ 23 days ago

just finished watching la sociedad de la nieve & i'm so plerpexed by this movie, truly have no words for such masterpiece.

mysardencut 📖 25 days ago

“[...] como si temiera que cualquier movimiento brusco pudiera alterar el delicado equilibrio entre vosotros.”

mysardencut 💀 26 days ago

i'm very ashamed to admit that i'm able to read a whole book in english, yet, i can't quite comprehend a sentence in spanish.

mysardencut 🌧️ 28 days ago

i don't feel like i'm doing enough at work, and this got me worried about my future.

mysardencut ❄️ 33 days ago

today is not as warm as it was the other days, it made me so happy! i can't wait for the winter.

mysardencut 💀 34 days ago

people are so annoying. i wish i could live in the middle of nowhere, without the need to interact with another being.

mysardencut 📺 36 days ago

garu is just a silly litle guy & i love him so much, my cutie patootie baby!

mysardencut 🎶 38 days ago

wrap me in your skin & bones, yeah, you're electrical. oh, i'm gonna lose control, yeah, as you pull me close.

mysardencut 🌧️ 40 days ago

i wonder if my mom knows how much i love & appreciate her.

mysardencut 💤 41 days ago

i'm tired all the time. i don't want to go to work nor do my chores, just want to sleep!

mysardencut 💻 42 days ago

i've been on all day talking to naruto. and i know it'll sounds weird but i'm, oh, so in love with him.

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