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greetings, dear wanderer! ˚⋆(੭⁺ˊᵕˋ੭∘) i'm maia, and this place is my little safe heaven to share thoughts i have through the days. most of them will sound a little depressive & sad, so i'm sorry in advance. anyways, enjoy all thoughts shared!

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mysardencut 📰 5 days ago

no, you live in a society. i live in my meticulously crafted daydream universe that i've been using as a coping mechanism since childhood.

mysardencut 📰 39 days ago

twenty one autumns. it was a very good day & i'm overjoyed. happy birthday to me!

mysardencut 📰 46 days ago

hey, i'm still here! it's just that i've been writing most of my thoughts in a journal, so, everything has already been said.

mysardencut 📰 51 days ago

i can't possibly focus on anything right in front of my eyes when you look, sounds & act like that. it's driving me completely insane, uggh!

mysardencut 📰 54 days ago

i fell in love with another long-haired, big brown eyed, nerdy guy. let's all feign surprise (yes, this is about spencer reid).

mysardencut 📰 78 days ago

things keep changing quickly and it seems i don't have the time to breathe or accept the new. this doesn't look very fair to me.

mysardencut 📰 84 days ago

my grandfather just won't stop smoking cigarette after cigarette and now i have a running nose & a very dry throat. this sucks!

mysardencut 📰 87 days ago

drank too much coffee today, now i'm full of energy but really have to sleep. oh, god. why do i have to face the consequences of my actions?

mysardencut 📰 90 days ago

“of course you meant it metaphorically. what were you going to do, actually go and wash your hands?”

mysardencut 📰 97 days ago

“dark & tormented, a villain in the making”. oh, this is so anakin skywalker coded!

mysardencut 📰 98 days ago

it feels like i'm slowly languishing till inevitable death (it's 37°c/98,6°f in my country).

mysardencut 📰 102 days ago

captain, it's wednesday.

mysardencut 📰 104 days ago

weirdly obsessed with dominic sessa, i can't help myself but fall in love with this little freak (in the most affectionate way).

mysardencut 📰 106 days ago

finished reading brotherhood by mike chen yesterday, i'm so overwhelmed! this book restored my excitment that was slowly fading away.

mysardencut 📰 106 days ago

i've been missing local 58 & gemini home entertainment quite a lot these days. it's a shame the creators don't update frequently.

mysardencut 📰 107 days ago

you know, i honestly like working in the office. i'm just too shy & too afraid to admit it.

mysardencut 📰 109 days ago

there is a very specific way that the light reflects on earth in the late afternoon that heals my soul of all the hurt caused upon me.

mysardencut 📰 110 days ago

hatake kakashi makes me so agressive. i want to bite him, punch the wall, squeeze him in a hug. ugh! he's so fucking adorable, i can't.

mysardencut 📰 111 days ago

my room is so clean & well organized, it's a shame i have to go out once in a while.

mysardencut 📰 112 days ago

i bought a cute new mug! now, i'm sure i'll start drinking coffee & tea more often

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