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♡ knitting & crochet
♡ f1 & nascar
♡ aliens & cryptids
♡ pokémon


goddessofgloom 🤩 3 days ago

back on the baby meth, let's see how today goes.

goddessofgloom 😡 5 days ago

finally found a decent site to watch f1 pre-season testing, and now there's a red flag and something wrong with the track.

goddessofgloom 💻 8 days ago

gotta make a blog for each hyperfixation.

goddessofgloom 🙃 10 days ago

seems like i will do anything EXCEPT crochet, which doesn't bode well for the craft fair in 2 weeks.

goddessofgloom 💤 13 days ago

who knew squishmallows make the perfect pillow.

goddessofgloom ✏️ 19 days ago

$%@!, or using symbols instead of an obscenity, is called a "grawlix" or "obscenicon"

goddessofgloom 🎶 20 days ago

safe food, it always tastes the same. safe food, it never changes.

goddessofgloom 🙃 20 days ago

too anxious to go to the appointment, too anxious to call and cancel.

goddessofgloom 🎶 21 days ago

schoolhouse rock was the best invention; every school subject should be taught via song.

goddessofgloom 💤 21 days ago

gotta try and write down my dreams more clearly.

goddessofgloom 🙃 24 days ago

love how i had a breakdown over this craft fair, but then applied for one in may anyway.

goddessofgloom 😭 24 days ago

i finished 5 ocotpuses and started a banner but i'm too overwhelmed, idk if i can do this craft fair. (that i've already committed to..)

goddessofgloom 🎨 25 days ago

noon update: 5 head/bodies, 3 sets of tentacles complete.

goddessofgloom 🎁 25 days ago

can i make 9 octopuses for the craft fair today?

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