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♡ hippos
♡ knitting & crochet
♡ f1 & nascar
♡ aliens & cryptids
♡ pokémon


goddessofgloom ❤️ 25 days ago

we're getting pandas again! ty china.

goddessofgloom ✏️ 30 days ago

rofl just won 1000+ postcards on ebay

goddessofgloom 🐶 38 days ago

do poodles really need their fur to be cut like that?

goddessofgloom 🎲 63 days ago

sometimes the side-effects of the migraine medicine are worse than the migraine itself.

goddessofgloom 💀 64 days ago

excited to see my cruise goes through the bermuda triangle.

goddessofgloom 😎 64 days ago

I dont like how google auto-suggests answers to what I'm thinking.

goddessofgloom 💀 81 days ago

getting existential about killing ants at 6.30am.

goddessofgloom 💾 82 days ago

i just want a portfolio gallery with filters WITHOUT large empty spaces, but howwwww.

goddessofgloom 😎 83 days ago

love when a new month coincides with a new week.

goddessofgloom 💻 86 days ago

dislikes: italicized sans-serif fonts.

goddessofgloom 🎶 93 days ago

i treat you like a queen, but i'll never be your king.

goddessofgloom 💀 95 days ago

rip to those lost livejournal layouts from 2003. in the age of neocities, i'd be king.

goddessofgloom 😭 98 days ago

"i wouldn't wish being a 12 year old girl even on my worst enemy."

goddessofgloom 🔥 100 days ago

I was not made to survive in temperatures of 70 degrees or more.

goddessofgloom 😴 103 days ago

wish i was as awake and active as i feel right now at 2am than i do at 2pm.

goddessofgloom 💀 103 days ago

maybe i'm just cursed to never finish projects.

goddessofgloom 🐱 104 days ago

I'm starting a crochet cat, and I want to finish it today.

goddessofgloom 🥗 108 days ago

hedonism is out, being healthy is in.

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