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It's always better with coriander.


coriander ⛵ 14 days ago

weary of the ways of the world

coriander 🔥 39 days ago

Unfortunately experiencing a terrible heartburn attack

coriander 🥱 92 days ago

turtle speed ahead

coriander 😶 93 days ago

silence is my best friend

coriander 🌙 94 days ago

under the sky time

coriander 🤐 108 days ago

smells like bad perfume

coriander 🌧️ 114 days ago

a lovely rainy day for reading and writing at home

coriander 👽 127 days ago

it's been a liminal sort of day

coriander ✏️ 136 days ago

my primary challenge right now is moving from private drafts to public drafts.

coriander 🥳 137 days ago

happy birthday, leaplings!

coriander 📚 160 days ago

library costudy space

coriander 📚 163 days ago

lovely afternoon reading time

coriander 🙃 604 days ago

finally ate a proper breakfast and wow what a feeling

coriander 🐶 735 days ago

falling hard for a darling doggo

coriander 🌱 775 days ago

note to self: nothing is personal, everything is interpersonal.

coriander 🍕 787 days ago

interesting... you can feed your wobble and another wobble, but you cannot feed two other wobbles.

coriander 👀 791 days ago

the thunderstorm that wasn't...

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