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It's always better with coriander.


coriander 📚 22 days ago

library costudy space

coriander 📚 25 days ago

lovely afternoon reading time

coriander 🙃 466 days ago

finally ate a proper breakfast and wow what a feeling

coriander 🐶 597 days ago

falling hard for a darling doggo

coriander 🌱 637 days ago

note to self: nothing is personal, everything is interpersonal.

coriander 🍕 649 days ago

interesting... you can feed your wobble and another wobble, but you cannot feed two other wobbles.

coriander 👀 653 days ago

the thunderstorm that wasn't...

coriander ✨ 690 days ago

lilacs in the air!

coriander 📖 742 days ago

fully engrossed in bechdel's lifestory

coriander 😴 787 days ago

wishing you all a restful start to the week

coriander 👀 793 days ago

empty space ahead, inviting and a bit daunting

coriander ☕ 797 days ago

@m15o need an update on the chocopress plz.

coriander 🎄 797 days ago

@nightdrift my feelings all week! somehow, got the things done while half-checked-out.

coriander 🥳 800 days ago

breaking fresh sourdough bread

coriander 👀 801 days ago

pink! the clouds are pink!