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Smoking that shit that made Scooby snack (half-NEET on my mothers side)


gruesome420 🙃 2 days ago

Haha, what is a sleep schedule? I just pass out at random and either sleep 2 hours or 12 lmfao

gruesome420 😭 12 days ago

You know I'm a special kind of idiot because I'm finally googling what an RSS feed is after years of just knowing it exists

gruesome420 😭 13 days ago


gruesome420 😎 16 days ago

Getting more and more obsessed with Primus' music every time I listen to it

gruesome420 💀 18 days ago

As usual, only 4 hours until i need to wake up....

gruesome420 🤐 19 days ago

Back at work with only 2 hours of sleep babey!!

gruesome420 🌈 21 days ago

What if we kissed while mining for all that oil in antarctica breaking the treaty and we were both girls???? Happy pride month

gruesome420 💀 23 days ago

My parents having both their birthdays during pride month is some kind of cosmic joke lmfao

gruesome420 👽 23 days ago

I'm not afraid to get blood on my teeth to defend other people's dying light

gruesome420 🙂 23 days ago

Had an orgasm. Feeling more normal again

gruesome420 💀 23 days ago

bitches will be afraid to make a phone call but be on the dicord vc

gruesome420 😭 24 days ago

Is there a place online I can be ugly in peace? Everyone everywhere is polished to perfection while I'm just looking like a bland creature

gruesome420 🎷 24 days ago

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is still peak comedy with enough years behind you and enough thc to kill a small child

gruesome420 💀 25 days ago

I always forget the lil emoticon I got too much to say to think too hard lmfao

gruesome420 🙂 25 days ago

Oh this is just great. My dumb ass just figured out how to see the feed of people I follow on Neocities. I've been here OVER A YEAR. FUCK

gruesome420 😭 26 days ago

Finally got my parents birthday gifts taken care of!!! It's like I've actually got my shit together if only for a moment....

gruesome420 🙃 26 days ago

Need money but also love being scheduled less at work....the loser girl's delimma

gruesome420 🛼 26 days ago

Watching sanic movie 4 the first time, I like silly mustache man

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