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hi im des!


doqmeat 🥗 1 day ago

did groceries today yum

doqmeat 😭 3 days ago

kinda wanna re do my about me page UGHHHH

doqmeat ✨ 4 days ago

went out for ice cream YUM

doqmeat 😎 5 days ago

figured out how to put a custom tooltip :D

doqmeat 🌧️ 5 days ago

raining a lot today

doqmeat 📺 6 days ago

watching blue (2002) !

doqmeat 🙂 6 days ago

i need to figure out how to make a custom tooltip

doqmeat 🌈 8 days ago

new homepage !!!!!!!!!!!!!

doqmeat 💤 9 days ago

eepy time

doqmeat ✨ 10 days ago

working on remaking my home page :]

doqmeat 🙂 11 days ago

havent done much web surfing in a while since ive been so caught up with editing my website. let me change that

doqmeat 🙂 11 days ago

finished re-do ing the art page!!! i need to touch up the vgs, and listening log pages since im not 100% satisfied with em

doqmeat 👀 13 days ago

working on my art pageeee !

doqmeat 😭 13 days ago

finished watching better call saul.... will miss my meow meows

doqmeat 🤔 14 days ago

whats left to re-do now is the art page! after that i'll me working on the home page

doqmeat 💤 16 days ago

finished redoing my diary logs i sleep!

doqmeat 😴 17 days ago

been working on remaking every page from scratch!!!! after im done with that i'll be touching up the home page as the last thing

doqmeat 🎶 18 days ago

finished redoing the music page, go look at it!!!

doqmeat 🙂 19 days ago

re-doing my music page currently! loving how its looking so far

doqmeat 🙂 20 days ago

slowly but surely redoing all of my pages!

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