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i'm des, i'm on the interwebs @ !
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doqmeat 😇 22 hours ago

applied to make a fanlisting!

doqmeat 🙃 3 days ago

what do you mean 123guestbook is shutting down :(((

doqmeat 🌈 5 days ago

my plushies page is now up!!!

doqmeat 🥳 6 days ago


doqmeat ✨ 10 days ago

when i'm done with this essay and i get back to working on my silly site full time, its gonna be OVER

doqmeat 💔 13 days ago

i was not born to write essays on things idgaf about

doqmeat 😱 21 days ago

just figured out you can use a horizontal scrollbar with a mouse if you press shift and use the scroll...... this changes everything

doqmeat 🌈 21 days ago

redownloaded stardew valley

doqmeat 😭 27 days ago

finals and stuff getting near! if you see me online feel free to bonk me in the head

doqmeat 💀 29 days ago

i have experienced all range of emotions in the past 24 hours. awesome

doqmeat 🥱 31 days ago

its a lil bit colder today

doqmeat 😴 32 days ago

finally finished this damn essay

doqmeat 🤩 33 days ago

bullshitting my way out of this essay good lord

doqmeat 🥰 33 days ago

thank you ice cream truck

doqmeat 🍦 34 days ago

waiting patiently for the ice cream truck like a 5 yr old

doqmeat 🙃 34 days ago

thoughts and prayers for the 5 page essay i gotta send in 2 days and i don't even think i have enough juice for 2 pages

doqmeat 🥱 38 days ago

the post cavity filling headache is Hitting

doqmeat 🎶 41 days ago

watching coachella... yoasobi and miku soon

doqmeat 🙃 43 days ago

oh this fallout show is kinda hitting

doqmeat 🐱 47 days ago

i've met so many cats today

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