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goofy little guy in your tv screen. i’m also on piclog :) The current mood of grampus at


grampus 🎮 19 days ago

the amount of kenshi i've been playing recently is... unhealthy (<_<)

grampus 🔥 23 days ago

i like summer and all that but does it have to be some GODDAMN H O T

grampus ☀️ 35 days ago

summertime is here so i’ve been doing a lot of going out lately <3

grampus 🔥 43 days ago

having such a good time lately rahhhhhhh

grampus 🥹 52 days ago

the end is nigh. i can’t decide what to think or feel

grampus ☀️ 56 days ago

weather’s getting better (perhaps to match my good mood? :D)

grampus 🌧️ 60 days ago

it’s been so gloomy lately :/

grampus 🙃 61 days ago

flirting between calm and stressed seemingly at a whim

grampus 💀 63 days ago

me when i go from what is genuinely one of the best days i’ve ever had to drudgery

grampus 🌙 64 days ago

had an amazing day. time to go to bed

grampus ✨ 66 days ago

positively jubilant >:) i am hurtling towards bittersweet goodbyes but for today i will celebrate

grampus 😶 71 days ago

after months my heart officially exploded. chat. what am i supposed to do here

grampus 💀 76 days ago

even in my HEAD i’m painfully awkward… let me be cool and confident (in a nice way)!!!

grampus 🥹 78 days ago

my friends actually enjoy my company? shocking news

grampus 🎬 82 days ago

i finished the fallout show tonight; it was really cool :]

grampus 🎨 87 days ago

displaying my art today and got asked if i do comms yesterday… lovely things :]

grampus 🔥 91 days ago

despite slacking off a little (a lot), i had a really fun week. one of the best i’ve had in a long time.

grampus ❤️ 97 days ago

feeling truly connected to the people and the world for the first time in a while

grampus ☀️ 97 days ago


grampus 🎬 98 days ago

i watched birdman yesterday. really good stuff; would recommend

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