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goofy little guy in your tv screen. i’m also on piclog :) The current mood of grampus at


grampus 🌧️ 80 days ago

making art on a rainy day <3

grampus 💀 88 days ago

mentally dying of embarrassment

grampus 😴 91 days ago

żabka hot dog…

grampus 🥺 97 days ago

i love baking, so why is it so difficult?

grampus 🌱 101 days ago


grampus 🙃 101 days ago

very many and very few thoughts in my head simultaneously

grampus 🥺 107 days ago

oh to be a crusty middle aged man wandering the world and fighting beasts… instead i’m an insecure youth scared of assignments. one day…

grampus 🤖 111 days ago

brain machine broke

grampus 😭 112 days ago

owww ougggouhhgggg my hands

grampus ✨ 114 days ago

feeling wonderful today, and my evil plan to make others feel that way, too

grampus 🎬 117 days ago

thinking of seeing advent children in theaters

grampus 🔥 118 days ago


grampus 💻 120 days ago

i genuinely love how the internet can let you peek into people’s weird and interesting niches

grampus ✏️ 121 days ago

“dear brain: please stop making me feel randomly sad to the point of being unproductive. it feels good to feel good. thanks, grampus”

grampus 🥹 122 days ago

I’ll be so close to a real break if I just work up some motivation to get stuff done…

grampus 🎮 127 days ago

started playing dmc yesterday! having fun, though i’m not too good at it haha

grampus 🤔 128 days ago

sick no longer! very suddenly got the urge to dmc now tho

grampus 🤒 131 days ago

got a wicked cold. my brain can’t function anymore

grampus 🥳 133 days ago

day off! i’m gonna use it to catch up on work and make some nice art :)

grampus ❄️ 134 days ago

looking forward to potential snow soon :)

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