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clownhouse 🌈 15 days ago

happy pride, lil gays in my phone! :) β™‘

clownhouse 😑 184 days ago

today is.... a very frustrating day 😀

clownhouse πŸ”₯ 198 days ago

just got my dream job LEEEEETSGOOOOOO

clownhouse 😭 202 days ago

just went to an interview for a cool ass job omfg everyone pls pray that i get it... i need ONE W THIS YEAR. JUST ONE

clownhouse πŸ’€ 224 days ago

my morning job is an absolute circus rn jfc

clownhouse 😑 225 days ago

when its not one coworker at one job, its another fuckin one at the other!!!! kms

clownhouse πŸŒ™ 233 days ago

happy halloween everyone πŸ‘»πŸ¦‡πŸŽƒ

clownhouse 🐱 239 days ago

youtube somehow thinks i am obsessed with cheetahs all of a sudden? ... they might be right lol

clownhouse 😎 242 days ago

happy ace week everyone πŸ–€πŸ©ΆπŸ€πŸ’œ

clownhouse 😎 251 days ago

happy friday da 13th yall! happy bday Jason Voorhees <3

clownhouse πŸ‘€ 253 days ago

solar eclipse in Oct right after friday the 13th? fascinating

clownhouse πŸ₯Ή 261 days ago

finally finally finally paid off my transmission repair bill... after 2 mos. UGH fuck capitalism fr

clownhouse 😑 269 days ago

aromantic community has GOT to be less racist and more accessible for POC i am begging on my knees pls

clownhouse 😭 275 days ago

job searches always leave me so depressed :'(

clownhouse 😱 285 days ago

hurricane lee damn near buried my backyard in tree branches last night

clownhouse 😭 287 days ago

almost 100 mf degrees out... in september!!! wtf! πŸ₯΅

clownhouse πŸ’€ 296 days ago

Tfw your morning job is already going to shit right after you bought a phone AAAAAA

clownhouse πŸ₯³ 303 days ago

It’s this website’s 1 yr anniversary today! :) Yay!!!

clownhouse 🌧️ 307 days ago

This rainy ass summer szn can actually kiss my entire ass πŸ˜’

clownhouse πŸ’€ 313 days ago

July took 10 years to finally end and now august is going by in a blink of an eye

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