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clownhouse 🥱 17 days ago

Been subsisting off of Arizona peach iced tea for the past 3 weeks now

clownhouse 🥳 29 days ago

Happy New Year! We survived yet another year gamers

clownhouse 😎 34 days ago

FINALLY deleted my Twitter, good riddance bird app! I’ll keep up with the shenanigans going on there on tumblr or smthn

clownhouse ❄️ 37 days ago

Happy holidays y’all and stay safe during this freezing storm!

clownhouse 🌧️ 42 days ago

Sznal depression killing me rn, can’t believe I’m saying this but I am READY 2 start working again

clownhouse 😭 48 days ago

Stressed, depressed, not really well dressed

clownhouse 🤒 52 days ago

Been battling this weird cold/sore throat thing I got goin on for like a week now wtf

clownhouse 🙃 54 days ago

Life certainly is… happening :)

clownhouse 💻 64 days ago

Just spent all weekend updating my site I am SO proud of how my sewing projects page turned out 💖

clownhouse 🎁 65 days ago

Updating my “shops” page with tons more links so my kawaii babes can be up to date on all the cute stores this holiday szn 🛍️

clownhouse 🍷 68 days ago

This thanksgiving take a look into the #landback movement if you haven’t already 🤓 *influencer voice* indigenous rights!!

clownhouse 🥰 74 days ago

Bingeing “Evil”, my ultimate comfort show and finally getting my sewing projects started

clownhouse 💤 75 days ago

Video essays and docs are the only things getting me thru the day lately

clownhouse 😂 88 days ago

Musk buying Twitter and then immediately any% speedrunning it into the ground is too funny for words, hope Twitter burns

clownhouse 🥳 91 days ago

Happy Halloween :) hope we all survive the Mars retrograde 2gether

clownhouse 💔 96 days ago

Financial stress is never anything I’d wish on even my worst enemy… ugh

clownhouse 🤒 106 days ago

Partying a lil too hard this Oct lmfao

clownhouse 😭 111 days ago

Just hit myself in the face with a falling laundry cart… well now I have a cool scar I guess

clownhouse 💔 115 days ago

Sznal depression killing me n all my homies rn rip

clownhouse 🤩 120 days ago


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