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bird πŸ’” 4 minutes ago

"oof sorry if you heard that / sorry if that made sense"

bird πŸ‘€ 3 days ago

oh the govt says covids over so it is ??? u mean the same govt that did COINTELPRO and controls the police that u hate so much ??? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

bird 🌈 3 days ago

sometimes "not passing" is getting called the wrong pronoun & sometimes it's "you're lying about your genitals so I want you imprisoned"

bird 🌈 3 days ago

sometimes "not passing" is just looking like ur agab and sometimes it's "you don't look like anything recognizable so I want to kill you"

bird πŸ™‚ 3 days ago

love it when men wear predator shirts like you're really telling on yourself huh

bird ❄️ 3 days ago

current sounds: fountain, wind, vehicles

bird 🌈 4 days ago

my sexuality is faggot and my gender is dyke

bird πŸ™ƒ 5 days ago

ughhhhhhh i really hate the way my cv looks but at least it's got all the relevent info

bird ✨ 5 days ago

0500 A.M. honey jalapeΓ±o chips

bird β˜€οΈ 5 days ago

reorganized my portfolio site to emphasize my projects AND polished my f*ll s*rvice advert AND phone s3x listing, feeling AccomplishedTM

bird 😎 8 days ago

ahahahahahahahaha my credit score is 666

bird 🌈 17 days ago

"you cannot kill me in a way that matters"

bird 🌈 19 days ago

happy "cis people telling trans people happy pride month" month

bird 🌈 20 days ago

you: meeting your LTR on Grindr // me: pulling a client off Bumble

bird πŸ“Ί 21 days ago

"backhand full of knuckles"

bird πŸ’€ 21 days ago

g-d grant me the confidence of the dude that just sent me a d*ck pic sitting on the toilet

bird πŸš„ 22 days ago

the more people that trust me to drive their cars the more powerful I become 😈

bird πŸ’€ 23 days ago

no joke I haven't seen a kid under 15 who's been healthy in years. COVID is literally still killing ppl y'all

bird 😴 35 days ago

if you've never had to clean a toilet for money I don't respect you

bird πŸ‘½ 35 days ago

34 hours later, it hit them ........................

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