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sh3 ☀️ 8 days ago

ffxiv cures all wounds

sh3 ☀️ 14 days ago

nevermind i'm depressed again

sh3 ☀️ 14 days ago

so hyperfixated but my emotions are still so awful

sh3 ☀️ 14 days ago

sudden feeling of hopelessness and depression what if i cried about it

sh3 ☀️ 14 days ago


sh3 ☀️ 16 days ago

working on a huge therianthropy server with my partner!! so excited!!

sh3 ☀️ 19 days ago

Ooohh i'm a bit delulu

sh3 ☀️ 22 days ago

divination is crazy

sh3 ☀️ 26 days ago

trying to make a little virtual shrine/altar... not sure exactly how i want to lay it out

sh3 ☀️ 29 days ago

save me final fantasy 14

sh3 ☀️ 30 days ago

updating my about page some more, it was needing a touch up...

sh3 ☀️ 33 days ago

people make my life so much harder by just refusing to communicate with me

sh3 ☀️ 34 days ago

i genuinely don't understand why people want to start shit with me all the time! i don't do anything, it confuses me so viscerally

sh3 ☀️ 34 days ago

so much bothering me ughhh

sh3 ☀️ 39 days ago

almost through my commission queue!

sh3 ☀️ 41 days ago

i hate irresponsible people!

sh3 ☀️ 42 days ago

finally imported fonts on my status cafe page!! it looks prettier now :)

sh3 ☀️ 44 days ago

working hard!!!

sh3 ☀️ 46 days ago

dropped down my medication dose and feeling less dehydrated this morning! surprisingly no withdrawal effects either

sh3 ☀️ 46 days ago

my medication is making me INSATIABLY thirsty, my mouth + throat have never been drier in my life. i need to go back down in dosage

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