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sh3 ☀️ 13 days ago

i am truly an extrovert at heart

sh3 ☀️ 26 days ago

stayed up until 12am playing the sims and now i'm paying for it

sh3 ☀️ 29 days ago

hooray for regretevator :3

sh3 ☀️ 31 days ago

maybe the world is kind after all....

sh3 ☀️ 31 days ago

being suddenly charged hundreds of dollars for something out of your control is soooo fun i think everyone should try it (trying not to cry)

sh3 ☀️ 46 days ago

started working out and getting #gains

sh3 ☀️ 49 days ago

silliness 4 ever

sh3 ☀️ 55 days ago

childhood mmorpgs my beloved

sh3 ☀️ 57 days ago

one of these days i'll go a full 24 hours without feeling bad right? ... guys?...where are you going?

sh3 ☀️ 58 days ago

my brain really does want me to have motivation for everything BUT my overdue commissions huh. Cruel and unfair

sh3 ☀️ 59 days ago

we persist!

sh3 ☀️ 64 days ago

watching through moral orel for the first time and it's KILLING me

sh3 ☀️ 77 days ago

another day of not beating perfect angel allegations (reference)

sh3 ☀️ 79 days ago

wisdom tooth pain SUUUUUUUCKS

sh3 ☀️ 83 days ago

i wish i could get a service dog </3

sh3 ☀️ 97 days ago

i love learning new skills yayyy

sh3 ☀️ 99 days ago

attempting to return to normalcy!!!!!

sh3 ☀️ 102 days ago

doing my best to be so normal right now

sh3 ☀️ 108 days ago

i have an indescribable amount of physical health complications right now but at least i had fun playing raft with my wife today:)

sh3 ☀️ 113 days ago

i just had a stroke i guess. i'm so exhausted </3

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