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sh3 ☀️ 88 days ago

i genuinely don't understand why people want to start shit with me all the time! i don't do anything, it confuses me so viscerally

sh3 ☀️ 89 days ago

so much bothering me ughhh

sh3 ☀️ 93 days ago

almost through my commission queue!

sh3 ☀️ 95 days ago

i hate irresponsible people!

sh3 ☀️ 96 days ago

finally imported fonts on my status cafe page!! it looks prettier now :)

sh3 ☀️ 98 days ago

working hard!!!

sh3 ☀️ 100 days ago

dropped down my medication dose and feeling less dehydrated this morning! surprisingly no withdrawal effects either

sh3 ☀️ 101 days ago

my medication is making me INSATIABLY thirsty, my mouth + throat have never been drier in my life. i need to go back down in dosage

sh3 ☀️ 102 days ago

i had a wonderful birthday T_T i have some truly amazing friends + an even more amazing partner. i'm very grateful to finally have a break

sh3 ☀️ 102 days ago

having a good birthday so far, hoping it lasts!!!! 🎉

sh3 ☀️ 103 days ago

i hope to god i have a normal birthday tomorrow

sh3 ☀️ 105 days ago

silent hill 2 okay?

sh3 ☀️ 105 days ago

who knew fresh trauma would make you so on edge all the time

sh3 ☀️ 105 days ago

i think i got sick somehow ? my throat hurts...

sh3 ☀️ 108 days ago

the worst is finally over

sh3 ☀️ 110 days ago

manifesting that january is normal for me

sh3 ☀️ 112 days ago

who knew mentally + physically exerting yourself would leave you so exhausted... i have a lot of rest to catch up on

sh3 ☀️ 113 days ago

when the disorder dissociates your identity

sh3 ☀️ 114 days ago

having a wonderful christmassss it's a really good break after such a stressful month

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