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Not Defined vizibean status cafe


vizibean 🐱 7 days ago

mrrp mrrp mreoww

vizibean 🙂 22 days ago

preparing for artfight, exam, n chess tournament on july

vizibean 🔥 48 days ago

trying to regain my motivation back!!!

vizibean ✨ 53 days ago

i want to cry

vizibean 🤔 65 days ago

would it be a great idea to learn additional mathematics and rely on it to get better grades...? (not)

vizibean 🤒 66 days ago

back to my sneezing phase.,,,.,.,

vizibean 😇 76 days ago

regaining my sanity back

vizibean ❤️ 83 days ago

i love my english teacher...shes so nice and supportive!1!!...

vizibean 🌧️ 87 days ago


vizibean 💾 87 days ago

site revamp is on the work! though idk where or how to start...

vizibean 🎲 87 days ago

ive lost the ability to play chess...

vizibean 😭 89 days ago

i forgot how to code,.,..,.,

vizibean 😇 90 days ago

can i choose to not live

vizibean 🌧️ 93 days ago


vizibean 🤒 94 days ago

feeling unwell..,,,,.

vizibean 🧐 97 days ago

thinking of revamping my site

vizibean 😇 98 days ago

fell from a bike. ouch

vizibean 🌈 99 days ago

i should make origami as my new hobby

vizibean ❄️ 100 days ago

adding ice to an already cold water feels awesome

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