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lemonbaskets 🙂 8 days ago

not a day goes by without thinking of stardew valley 1.6

lemonbaskets 🙂 29 days ago

media queries are so fun (spent two hours figuring out how to hide a div)

lemonbaskets 😴 31 days ago

woke up today and randomly decided to make the site responsive.. layout change again incoming

lemonbaskets 💻 44 days ago

i should probably make a landing page for the site, maybe include a small carrd like thing for mobile in it

lemonbaskets 😴 69 days ago

i want to do this year's inktober but i already have no idea what to do for the first prompt

lemonbaskets 🔥 74 days ago

read kagura bachi!!!!!!! !! the rawest manga ever made, peak fiction, it's life changing, read kagura bachi 🔥🔥🔥🔥

lemonbaskets 🙃 110 days ago

just realized how dumb coding directly in the neocities editor is, gonna use brackets from now on

lemonbaskets 📱 115 days ago

updated twitter on mobile and it's X now... so dumb

lemonbaskets 🙂 160 days ago

city hunter anime is really good! and fun

lemonbaskets 🙃 172 days ago

i started six drawings these past few weeks and finished none, peak artistry (is this a real word)

lemonbaskets 💻 200 days ago

added a chatbox to my very incomplete site because i don't know what priorities are, maybe come say hi or put the first shrek movie script

lemonbaskets 🙂 203 days ago

heyyy so i'm on this thing now, let's see if i can add it to my website without breaking everything else