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lemonbaskets 🤔 17 days ago

people actually used discord as a file host?

lemonbaskets 🙂 19 days ago

i love opening 60 tabs at once and then wondering why my pc is freezing and dying

lemonbaskets 😎 29 days ago

we are so back (lying maybe)

lemonbaskets 🙃 69 days ago

i want to change the layout again ughhhh

lemonbaskets 💀 92 days ago

it's still 2023 in here man, i'll be updating soon

lemonbaskets ✨ 144 days ago

happy new year! hopefully this year i'll finally replace that placeholder image with an actual drawing

lemonbaskets 🙂 158 days ago

can't sit down to watch one movie, but can sit down to watch a 8 hour fnaf lore video

lemonbaskets 🙂 180 days ago

not a day goes by without thinking of stardew valley 1.6

lemonbaskets 🙂 201 days ago

media queries are so fun (spent two hours figuring out how to hide a div)

lemonbaskets 😴 202 days ago

woke up today and randomly decided to make the site responsive.. layout change again incoming

lemonbaskets 💻 215 days ago

i should probably make a landing page for the site, maybe include a small carrd like thing for mobile in it

lemonbaskets 😴 240 days ago

i want to do this year's inktober but i already have no idea what to do for the first prompt

lemonbaskets 🙃 282 days ago

just realized how dumb coding directly in the neocities editor is, gonna use brackets from now on

lemonbaskets 📱 287 days ago

updated twitter on mobile and it's X now... so dumb

lemonbaskets 🙂 332 days ago

city hunter anime is really good! and fun

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