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Eddie | He/she/fae | 23

"The light's in sevens when it's raining..."

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deluxepain πŸ₯Ή 36 days ago

Unstoppable force (online conventions) vs. immovable object (social anxiety)

deluxepain πŸ₯³ 50 days ago

It's my birthday today!!!!! I'm 24 years old now

deluxepain 🌱 86 days ago

Happy 4/20, toke safely and responsibly everyone 🌿πŸ”₯πŸ’¨

deluxepain πŸŒ™ 98 days ago

Happy eclipse day!

deluxepain πŸ₯³ 105 days ago

I'm unfortunately much too burnt out to do anything to celebrate, but thank you for 30,000 visits on my Neocities!

deluxepain πŸ”₯ 112 days ago

Burnout is going to be the end of me

deluxepain πŸ’” 181 days ago

Flew back home from meeting my partner last night, currently going through cuddles and kisses withdrawals

deluxepain ✈️ 189 days ago

TODAY'S THE DAY!!!!! Today I get on a plane to go see my partner!! Hopefully everything goes well at the airport for me

deluxepain πŸ₯³ 196 days ago

Happy New Year!!! I get to meet my partner in just 6 days :)

deluxepain ❀️ 219 days ago

Just under a month until I meet my partner! Yes most of my posts on this platform are about my partner, and I don't intend on stopping soon

deluxepain 🌈 248 days ago

I'm officially meeting my partner in 60 days and I'm already feeling the full throws of gay impatience

deluxepain πŸŒ™ 257 days ago

(Walks into the room covered in blood and soot) Happy late Halloween, sorry I got busy

deluxepain πŸ₯° 265 days ago

It's my partner and I's 4 year anniversary today! We got to spend the day watching some stuff together

deluxepain πŸ₯Ή 276 days ago

Media query CSS for mobile is making me weep a little but I'm being brave about it

deluxepain πŸ™ƒ 277 days ago

(Repeating to myself in a mirror) I don't need to be tied down by social media. I don't have to get so emotional over it. I'm good, I'm cool

deluxepain 🌧️ 281 days ago

Hate hate hate hate HATE this recent weather, I'm suffering

deluxepain πŸ”₯ 287 days ago

It is much too hot for October

deluxepain πŸ’€ 288 days ago

The local toy fair is always a fun time, but now I'm exhausted

deluxepain πŸ₯³ 289 days ago

It's my partner's birthday today!!! Everyone celebrate or face my wrath