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Eddie | He/she/fae | 23

"The light's in sevens when it's raining..."

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deluxepain ❤️ 5 hours ago

Just under a month until I meet my partner! Yes most of my posts on this platform are about my partner, and I don't intend on stopping soon

deluxepain 🌈 29 days ago

I'm officially meeting my partner in 60 days and I'm already feeling the full throws of gay impatience

deluxepain 🌙 38 days ago

(Walks into the room covered in blood and soot) Happy late Halloween, sorry I got busy

deluxepain 🥰 46 days ago

It's my partner and I's 4 year anniversary today! We got to spend the day watching some stuff together

deluxepain 🥹 57 days ago

Media query CSS for mobile is making me weep a little but I'm being brave about it

deluxepain 🙃 58 days ago

(Repeating to myself in a mirror) I don't need to be tied down by social media. I don't have to get so emotional over it. I'm good, I'm cool

deluxepain 🌧️ 62 days ago

Hate hate hate hate HATE this recent weather, I'm suffering

deluxepain 🔥 68 days ago

It is much too hot for October

deluxepain 💤 69 days ago

The local toy fair is always a fun time, but now I'm exhausted

deluxepain 🥳 70 days ago

It's my partner's birthday today!!! Everyone celebrate or face my wrath