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eightzero 🎁 30 minutes ago

look. i sold something on eBay

eightzero ✈️ 15 hours ago

who knew planning a vacay would be so complicated

eightzero 💻 1 day ago

i inherited a digital pencil for my iPad. Wonder what it can do?

eightzero 🌈 2 days ago

11. Fuck Louisiana

eightzero 😂 3 days ago

i have a werwy gwood fwend fwom wome named biggus dickus

eightzero ✅ 4 days ago

demolition complete. i really like tearing worthless sh*t apart, and throwing it all the f*ck away.

eightzero 🙂 7 days ago

My dad's dead, my FIL dead, my kids dead. Happy father's day, hallmark.

eightzero 🙂 7 days ago

Me today: "I'll be more productive tomorrow." Also me tomorrow: "I'll be more productive tomorrow."

eightzero 🍸 8 days ago

another fine day of fucking off until the sun appears over the yardarm

eightzero ✈️ 10 days ago

sure wish i knew wtf I'm getting into

eightzero 🌧️ 20 days ago

there's something wrong with me when i realize I'm pissed off about not being pissed off about the rain. that realization pisses me off

eightzero 💾 21 days ago

can't tell you how much i enjoy talking to banks on the phone

eightzero 💤 25 days ago

Step 1: schedule a nap. Step 2: take nap. Step 3: goto step 1.

eightzero 🏆 28 days ago

I came; I saw; I cleaned the place the fuck up

eightzero ✈️ 33 days ago

and poof there goes another metric fucktonne of money on a vacation. at this rate I won't have any left to take with me when i die

eightzero ✈️ 36 days ago

I need a vacay to recover from my vacay

eightzero 🙂 43 days ago

went out to see the aurora last night, got a great view of my neighbor's new security floodlights that were on all night. fml

eightzero ☀️ 43 days ago

c'mon vacay weather

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