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eightzero 😡 34 minutes ago

siri and alexa suck

eightzero 🌧️ 9 hours ago

voobah voobah voobah ping noah

eightzero 🤖 1 day ago

I'm not your IT bitch fix your own fucking printer

eightzero 🥺 2 days ago

scared the shit out of myself by watching "The New Look" on ATV+. Gads.

eightzero 🎬 3 days ago

I'm funny? Funny how? Funny like a clown? Funny like I amuse yous?

eightzero 😂 6 days ago

Descartes walks into a McD orders a bigmac& coke, gets asked "want fries?" replies "I think not"...and disappears

eightzero 👀 7 days ago

i see you sketch book and pencils don't look at me like that

eightzero 🤖 7 days ago

some people need to stop being a herbert

eightzero 😶 8 days ago

I really need to control my emotions. They will be my undoing.

eightzero 🤔 9 days ago

liebschen, what watch? ten watch. um. such much.

eightzero 😴 9 days ago

I'm setting new level of extreme laziness the effort it takes to do the simplest things just not worth it

eightzero 🙂 12 days ago

list of things i'm never, ever gonna do again: send job application; send resume; go to job interview. fuck working for other dickwads

eightzero 🙂 13 days ago

brain and brain! what is brain?!?!

eightzero ❤️ 14 days ago

not sure what i did to deserve my girl, but i am one lucky SOB to have her

eightzero 😶 15 days ago

youth is wasted on the young. I generalize because I have one first hand data point to support the hypothesis

eightzero 😶 15 days ago

I now resent all that effort I put into an engineering degree and a doctorate. I coulda been a contender...i coulda been somebody...

eightzero 🎨 15 days ago

it all starts with pencils and a sketch book

eightzero 🤔 17 days ago

the realization that all my lists of "things I don't want to do" are now "things I can't ever do."

eightzero 🤖 19 days ago

5 hours of chainsaw next door should be enough now please go home

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