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eightzero 🙂 20 days ago

free advice is seldom worth the price

eightzero ☀️ 20 days ago

weekend plans fukkit whatevs

eightzero 🌧️ 22 days ago

rain = electricity this summer

eightzero ⛵ 23 days ago

looks like there may be some good jobs in baltimore this summer fixing the goddam bridge

eightzero ❤️ 23 days ago

So what? Big deal.

eightzero 👽 23 days ago

"Where are we going?" "Planet Ten!" "When?" "REAL SOON!"

eightzero 💾 26 days ago

All this time I thought Arianda Grande was a font

eightzero 🎱 27 days ago

easy come easy go

eightzero 🌧️ 29 days ago

so much for springtime

eightzero 🥺 30 days ago

I fell like Oliver Twist when I apply for a credit card. "Please sir...can I have some more?" "YOU WANT MORE GRUEL?!?!"

eightzero 🤒 31 days ago

How can I have Sunday Night Flu when I don't have a fucking job to go to tomorrow?

eightzero 🍸 40 days ago

the sun appears over the yardarm

eightzero 😶 42 days ago

i dislike being alone in this house for more than 24 hours

eightzero 🎶 43 days ago

are we not men? we are devo

eightzero 🤔 44 days ago

I had an old thing I wanted others to see, and told them "it belongs in a museum." They said, "so do you."

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