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catskulls 🙂 5 days ago

i have been so busy it's painful... sigh

catskulls 💔 11 days ago

my joints want me dead again i can feel my bones

catskulls ❤️ 12 days ago

sunday should perish (oh, wait!)

catskulls 🎲 15 days ago

the dice are not on my side today

catskulls 🎲 16 days ago


catskulls 😎 16 days ago

honkai star rail kicks ass AND gives me emotional damage

catskulls 💔 16 days ago

my online friends r being nicer than my irls again

catskulls 🌧️ 16 days ago

friends made plans without me after making plans with me... staying in and playing hsr now

catskulls 🤒 19 days ago

been coding for 8 hours i need 2 eat

catskulls 👽 19 days ago

went to get contacts today i hated putting them on and didn't even get them off lol optician had to help me

catskulls 👽 20 days ago

green beans appreciation

catskulls 🙂 20 days ago

today is SO BAD and i feel depressed (the mood not the illness)

catskulls 😡 21 days ago

arguing against people who wanna paywall art like stfu, r u upset about the poors getting access to the same things as you?! oh noo

catskulls 🙂 21 days ago

swedish hurts my brain i hate the finnish school system for making me study this godforsaken hellspeak

catskulls 💔 25 days ago

okay now visual studio code is being mean

catskulls 💔 25 days ago

okay now visual studio code is being mean

catskulls 🌈 25 days ago

github is no longer being a bitch

catskulls 💔 25 days ago

why is github such a bitch

catskulls 💾 25 days ago

doing damage control rn

catskulls 🤩 25 days ago

accidentally deleted my style.css file w/o backing it up, suffering and typing up code again....

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