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what up


cringe 🎨 18 hours ago

artfight kinda fun, i need to do this more

cringe 🎬 7 days ago

going to go see inside out 2

cringe 😴 10 days ago

motivated to do something but i dont want to do something

cringe 😡 11 days ago

im tired of doing things. i just wanna draw but i have to go to a town thats an hour away

cringe ✏️ 14 days ago

artfight starts today and i dont have the motivation for it rn

cringe 🎨 19 days ago

made a new reference image

cringe 🙃 23 days ago

accidentally deleted the file i was working on

cringe 💔 25 days ago

returning to work after not working for 2 weeks feels so tough

cringe 🐶 29 days ago

happy fathers day

cringe ⛵ 35 days ago

gone fishin'

cringe 🌧️ 37 days ago

suspended from twitter

cringe 🌈 39 days ago

had my hours for work cut this week

cringe 🤩 43 days ago

today is the day i graduate

cringe 🥰 44 days ago

last day until graduation

cringe 😡 45 days ago

26 hour work week

cringe 😡 47 days ago

they banned stop on error on monkeytype so now i have to get good

cringe 🤩 50 days ago

i made an "app" for writing status updates, which i am writing this one from!

cringe 🌈 51 days ago

finally done with school... for now

cringe 🥱 56 days ago

passed my certification exam

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