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aywren 🎮 17 days ago

Happy Dawntrail early access everyone!

aywren ☀️ 19 days ago

Happy summer everyone! I hope you're staying cool the best you can!

aywren ✨ 55 days ago

I've added a clean new guestbook that needs comments! Please drop your thoughts if you stop by (button in the sidebar above)!

aywren ✨ 56 days ago

I joined the Pillowfort webring - check it out in the Webrings section on my Links page!

aywren 🙂 70 days ago

123 Guestbook will be closing down on July 1. I'm in the process of archiving and finding a new Guestbook.

aywren 🌈 74 days ago

Welcome to May! Time to change up the site background again!

aywren ✨ 117 days ago

Updated Resources page with a link to a neat Character Wiki Template.

aywren ✨ 118 days ago

I added a link to Fatgrrlz CSS Packs on the Resources page!

aywren ☀️ 131 days ago

Busted out the spring theme background and put away the snow. Enough of winter!

aywren ✨ 133 days ago

The archive page for March 2024 is up!

aywren ✨ 155 days ago

The archive page for February 2024 is up!

aywren 💤 179 days ago

This blog is now a decade old!

aywren ✨ 194 days ago

I've added a new page to my model horse section for Battlefield Angel HP!

aywren ✨ 196 days ago

Happy New Year!

aywren ✨ 205 days ago

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend!

aywren 🔥 207 days ago

I updated the BDO Horses shrine with the newest gift dream horse!

aywren ❄️ 213 days ago

I'm adding the holiday horses to the Breyer model page!

aywren ✨ 219 days ago

I've been catching up with adding my newest Breyer models to the shrines page!

aywren ✨ 228 days ago

Finished up the Diamond Painting log page rework! Find it in the Shrines section!

aywren 💻 232 days ago

The Diamond Painting section is getting a rework, so some links may not work for a little while.

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