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aywren 🎶 14 hours ago

Just fixed the broken videos throughout my fiddle blog. Need to get back to practicing again.

aywren ✨ 2 days ago

Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate it!

aywren 🙂 2 days ago

Was super lucky in getting Amon's Hat for my alt character on the first run. Glad that I've got that done!

aywren 🙂 3 days ago

Leveling an alt through the reworked FFXIV ARR content and enjoying it quite a bit!

aywren 🍕 4 days ago

Going for lunch with parents, hope my ankles behave.

aywren ✏️ 7 days ago

I think I'm going to take a small break on archiving the Nook now that I've got everything from 2020 in there.

aywren ✅ 8 days ago

Managed to get all my adulting done today despite the ankles. AND I learned how to properly wrap a sprained ankle with a bandage.

aywren 😶 8 days ago

House renovations start up again in a few days. Gotta get stuff done despite having hurt ankles.

aywren 🥳 9 days ago

Excited to be celebrating Spot of Mummery's 4th year anniversary today!

aywren 🤒 9 days ago

My ankles are doing a little better today, but I'm still resting them as much as I can.

aywren 🤒 10 days ago

Nursing the sprained ankle - have a boot coming tomorrow.

aywren 🥺 11 days ago

Twisted my ankle in a bad way this morning. Painful to walk.

aywren ✏️ 11 days ago

Just completely reworked the flow of the Spot of Mummery blog pages. Happier with them now.

aywren ✨ 12 days ago

Happy that it's Friday!

aywren 😴 13 days ago

Dentist stuff didn't happen today (long story) but boy am I tired for having to have been up so early!

aywren 😱 14 days ago

Getting dentist work done today. Not looking forward to it!

aywren 🥳 14 days ago

Yay! I got some writing done today. It's short, but it's writing!

aywren ✏️ 15 days ago

Getting ahead on the blog archive coding! The year 2020 is actually a pretty light blogging year for me, no surprise.

aywren 🎨 15 days ago

Got most of the Junelezen shots taken care of today! Just two left to figure out.

aywren 😴 16 days ago

Got all the mobile fixes for the blog rolled out. Now it's time to get some sleep!

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