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| Adult | Queer | Any Pronouns | Artist | I enjoy the strange and silly, the weird and wacky... some may even say... quirky. Sometimes even dirty...


lilpegchamp 👀 1 day ago

you cant say that white baby

lilpegchamp 🤐 2 days ago

I have GOT to get my shit together lmao

lilpegchamp 📺 15 days ago

Alright fine, I'll read the graphic novel, watch the movie, and then watch the tv show... Scott Pilgrim...

lilpegchamp 🎮 24 days ago

Watching Charborg play Lethal Company has me wanting to get a copy so bad but I have no friends to play with wahh...

lilpegchamp 😎 27 days ago

Loving the Halloween lights I got on sale. Really makes my bedroom feel cool af hehe...

lilpegchamp ❤️ 40 days ago

I love being cringe!! Yippie!!

lilpegchamp 🎨 43 days ago

Got a Circut Easypress 2 off of Facebook market place for $50! Pretty excited to use it for crafts!

lilpegchamp 🙃 47 days ago


lilpegchamp 📺 49 days ago

final day of wayneradiot's sonic adventurequest dx!

lilpegchamp 💀 49 days ago

Halloween is soon and I still haven't gotten my 5 ft skeleton!!

lilpegchamp 📺 57 days ago

I love you wayneradiotv's sonic adventurequest dx subathon...

lilpegchamp 📺 59 days ago

Been watching Adventure Time, hope to watch Fionna & Cake soon! Hm... Do need to watch Halloween and Autumn goodies too tho...

lilpegchamp 📺 60 days ago

Whoopsie, forgot to say I'm watching wayneradiotv's sonic adventurequest dx subathon (day 7)!

lilpegchamp 🙃 61 days ago

Still sick, grabbing star fragments in acnh, waiting for wayneradiotv's stream.

lilpegchamp 📺 63 days ago

Watching wayneradiotv's Sonic AdventureQuest DX SUBATHON (Day 6) !!

lilpegchamp 🙃 63 days ago

Still a bit sickly but not as bad as yesterday, let's fucking gooo!!

lilpegchamp 💤 63 days ago

Sleeping and hoping my sickness don't get worse... I deserve ice cream!

lilpegchamp 🤒 64 days ago

Sickly af, playin games and watching youtube.

lilpegchamp 📺 65 days ago

Watching wayneradiotv's Sonic AdventureQuest DX SUBATHON (DAY 5)!

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