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meow wassup


mishamallow ☕️ 22 hours ago

chat its 10 PM do i still make coffee (say yes)

mishamallow ☀️ 1 day ago

my sleep schedule suucks i cant sleep in this heat

mishamallow 🤔 3 days ago

crazy how those semesters of JS just completely vacated my brain afterwards

mishamallow 😴 4 days ago

the hair is getting looong time for a trim soon

mishamallow 💻 5 days ago

this civ game is going awfully man

mishamallow 💻 7 days ago

coding a gallery section. augh

mishamallow 🥳 10 days ago

big website changes woooo

mishamallow ❤️ 10 days ago

i love king gizzard i want to be australian when i grow up

mishamallow 🎶 11 days ago

i wanna learn the harmonica what a badass instrument

mishamallow 😴 12 days ago

drew a lot. suns coming up. gnight

mishamallow 🙂 12 days ago

wow i sucked ass at html when i made this page huh

mishamallow 🎨 13 days ago

i always forget to draw tails