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tbh i never understood the point of statuses so this may just become a list of cool song lyrics


snuppo 🎮 2 days ago

this is where my elden ring dlc would go if i weren't too busy (frolicking) (sunshine)(BBQ with old friends) (strengthening bonds)

snuppo ☀️ 5 days ago

grown ass man drinking yazoo in the street

snuppo 🔥 7 days ago

water bottle save my life

snuppo ☕️ 16 days ago

is there a limit for how many times you can safely reheat a cup of tea

snuppo ❤️ 20 days ago

love love love love love lovelove love love love love love (big HEART) <3

snuppo ❤️ 27 days ago

Whats up forum? How sexy do you think I am ona scale of 1-100?

snuppo 🌙 30 days ago

just when we thought he was dead, mike the chicken rears his ugly stump and says ... "wyd?"

snuppo ☀️ 33 days ago

okay? okay? okay? okay? okay? okay? yuh-huh you betcha