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just a guy here to Post


jackdawmarc 🌧️ 15 days ago

old family photos make me sad. idk why

jackdawmarc 🙂 16 days ago

got myself a nice light jacket - my old one was vintage & did a good job, but is lookin a little ratty.

jackdawmarc 🙂 20 days ago

honest to god having a lot of fun figuring out this regular expressions stuff for my programming class

jackdawmarc 🤔 32 days ago

maybe it's bc i was more online than most people but i feel like people have a weird idea of what trans communities were like in the 2010s

jackdawmarc 😯 36 days ago

gave myself a blister on my thumb from eating pistachios like a feral raccoon

jackdawmarc 👽 38 days ago

all tomorrows still holds up. kinda wish i was writing one of my final papers on horror that explores anxiety about evolution & biology

jackdawmarc 🤖 38 days ago

slept tooooo much today due to my mortal enemy, mild stomach ache, and am now Awake.

jackdawmarc 😭 42 days ago

i miss my old car so much :( my current car is fine but has no personality

jackdawmarc 🌈 50 days ago

gonna get the gay ear pierced this friday

jackdawmarc 🥺 60 days ago

auvtre's art of trans men makes me feel A Way about historical trans man who never got the chance to live authentically

jackdawmarc 😡 64 days ago

you CAN'T just name-drop Foucault in your argument without elaborating! stop ticking off the academic checklist!

jackdawmarc 😭 65 days ago

(deliberate vagueposting) he just like me fr fr

jackdawmarc 🌧️ 69 days ago

feeling gloomy about the state of the world

jackdawmarc 🙂 73 days ago

sighs about student fees leaving me with basically nothin in disposable funds

jackdawmarc 🙃 81 days ago

i slacked off on homework and am paying for it

jackdawmarc 😭 86 days ago

it's always foucault, so much foucault forever and ever

jackdawmarc ☀️ 87 days ago

first day of classes tomorrow! my schedule is bizarre this semester lmao

jackdawmarc 📚 90 days ago

had to quit a book i was otherwise enjoying bc i discovered the author is a really hateful person. shame

jackdawmarc 🙂 91 days ago

the danger of being awake and unsupervised at 4:30 am is that i have the ability to make bad purchases

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