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jackdawmarc 😱 5 days ago

AH someone's selling a rare album i want in 2 different formats & idk which one to get. it NEVER comes up for sale so this is stressful af

jackdawmarc 👀 6 days ago

currently researching old collectables and stuff i dug outta storage for ebay and liking what i'm seeing

jackdawmarc 🤔 8 days ago

i can't believe it's taken THIS long to find anything by king crimson for sale in my local music stores

jackdawmarc 🔥 9 days ago

screaming something something continuous revolution

jackdawmarc 😎 10 days ago

i enjoy this web site because it satisfies my desire to write in public bathrooms w/o having to actually be in a public bathroom

jackdawmarc 💀 10 days ago

my biggest issue w listening to the velvet underground is that it makes me wanna do drugs (but im cowardly & have control issues so i wont)

jackdawmarc 😴 11 days ago

having a difficult time working up the motivation to work on class readings

jackdawmarc 🥱 14 days ago

very very fatigued lately and it's no wonder--i got my blood draw results the other day and one key hormone is waaaay too high

jackdawmarc 🌧️ 16 days ago

sick and tired of living in a red state tbh

jackdawmarc 🙂 17 days ago

it smells like sharpies outside and we're in an air quality warning but the temperature is FINALLY tolerable

jackdawmarc 🤖 17 days ago

i toured the business school on campus today to search for the poorly-implemented gender neutral bathroom & i felt like a spy