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just a guy here to Post


jackdawmarc 👀 6 days ago

really need to get to editing/revising some erotica i wrote up a while ago. still reads well but definitely needs polishing before postin'

jackdawmarc 🌈 29 days ago

to a helper with no name: you are wonderful & i appreciate your guidance very much!!!

jackdawmarc 🙂 31 days ago

where can i find a copy of that stupid transphobic book for free. i'm probly gonna need it for my thesis

jackdawmarc 😎 34 days ago

made some DAMN GOOD peanut butter blossom cookies. they literally turned out perfect in texture and flavor.

jackdawmarc 😭 59 days ago

pulling an all-nighter but i am SO CLOSE to being done

jackdawmarc 🙃 60 days ago

one final paper done, one left. then i can do Other things besides writing and stuff

jackdawmarc 😡 62 days ago

really, really fucking tired of the cops training on helicopter flying above my neighborhood lately

jackdawmarc 🙃 69 days ago

dunno how i'm gonna get this damn programming homework done and working before midnight but gotta press on!!!!!!!

jackdawmarc 🤖 72 days ago

when the ritalin AND the pseudoephedrine-containing allergy pills kick in

jackdawmarc 🙂 81 days ago

last night i downloaded the old zune software and it works like a charm! i'm so happy about this rn

jackdawmarc 😂 82 days ago

i found my old first gen zune, charged it up a bit, and after literally 15 years it still boots up

jackdawmarc 🌧️ 102 days ago

old family photos make me sad. idk why

jackdawmarc 🙂 103 days ago

got myself a nice light jacket - my old one was vintage & did a good job, but is lookin a little ratty.

jackdawmarc 🙂 107 days ago

honest to god having a lot of fun figuring out this regular expressions stuff for my programming class

jackdawmarc 🤔 119 days ago

maybe it's bc i was more online than most people but i feel like people have a weird idea of what trans communities were like in the 2010s

jackdawmarc 😯 123 days ago

gave myself a blister on my thumb from eating pistachios like a feral raccoon

jackdawmarc 👽 125 days ago

all tomorrows still holds up. kinda wish i was writing one of my final papers on horror that explores anxiety about evolution & biology

jackdawmarc 🤖 125 days ago

slept tooooo much today due to my mortal enemy, mild stomach ache, and am now Awake.

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