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homunculus 👽 4452 years ago

HII, i'm maggie, 16, he/she/it!!! im the webmaster of homuhoard! redoing the css rn, its soo icky (☆_@) HAVE SOME BLINKIES!!!


homunculus 😴 38 days ago

Been so burnt out w coding sob

homunculus 🐱 38 days ago

Thninking abt my ocs

homunculus 👀 39 days ago

ooo Another great night of playing skyward sword and then looking at my wall

homunculus 📰 39 days ago

why are there so many tloz fans on this site

homunculus ⛵ 39 days ago

FINALLY replaying wind waker

homunculus 🍺 45 days ago

i LOOOOVE blinkies so bad

homunculus ⛳️ 45 days ago

Im such a cute girl/boy/thing/neither/both/all/other/none!!!!!

homunculus 📺 45 days ago

I just wanna wwtch a movie uuuhuhu

homunculus 🙂 45 days ago

BEGGING you all to customize the css on ur status cafe

homunculus ❤️ 46 days ago

Go team love!!! Happy splatfest :D

homunculus 🍏 70 days ago

got a new sticker book !!! building my collection >w<

homunculus 🤖 80 days ago

planning a new acnl town!!!

homunculus 🤩 84 days ago

I have the strange ability to morph into a small, green squid at will

homunculus 🥱 86 days ago

stressed for an unknown reason ?

homunculus 🌱 86 days ago


homunculus 🍕 87 days ago

NEW CSS!!1! Wanna check it out.? X3

homunculus 👽 87 days ago

We will be neociting!!!

homunculus 🏂 88 days ago

say MIKUU if u like miku

homunculus 😭 99 days ago

tp and wwhd port in the direct tmrw ..?? please

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