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so you're telling me a worm made this soup?


wormsauce 😡 6 hours ago

shut the freak up!!!

wormsauce 🥺 22 hours ago

get phone call -> pissed off because i'm sick of phone calls -> it's the most soft-voiced robot reminding me of my appointment

wormsauce 💡 1 day ago

i want a tattoo would it be insane to get a worm wrapped around a violin

wormsauce 🙃 1 day ago

stressed out again, need to calm down so i can work on art but it's hard to reach comfort right now

wormsauce 💔 1 day ago

sick of seeing untagged posts about irl murders and deaths. some people can't handle that shit it's not hard to add "cw death" or whatever

wormsauce 🎮 1 day ago

i bought and played the funny little gator game because it was on sale. i think i finished almost the entire game it's very cute and fun

wormsauce 🌱 2 days ago

i wanna go outside so bad

wormsauce 🌧️ 2 days ago

going to try having a far less stressful day.

wormsauce ❄️ 2 days ago

correction to previous status: how stressful yesterday was* now i'm watching ice soup asmr.

wormsauce 🙂 2 days ago

i rage quit a game (likely because of how stressful today is) and then i watched wood soup asmr.

wormsauce 💀 3 days ago

everything is so confusing and overwhelming. how am i supposed to find a good surgeon by myself? i burned myself out today lmao

wormsauce ✨ 3 days ago

i should eat toast

wormsauce 🎶 4 days ago

actually, another way of coping if i lose my voice could be learning to play an instrument so well i can use it as a second voice

wormsauce 🤐 4 days ago

scared of losing my voice from the surgery. my literal only way of coping with that would be thinking about my oc who has a destroyed voice

wormsauce 🥹 5 days ago

utterly terrified of every endocrinologist in my town so now i go into the blanket cave until i'm fine again

wormsauce 🎨 6 days ago

doctor tomorrow. for now? chandelier drawing + nox doodling + cozy + warmcore

wormsauce 🤒 7 days ago

genuinely i feel so bad

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