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succubus vtuber


sneerful 💤 4 days ago

struggling with sleeping, a little nervous but i feel happy

sneerful 🌙 9 days ago

feelin okay, working and planning so far

sneerful ❄️ 11 days ago

i want to financially support my sisters more, so badly. i will start making more money.

sneerful 💀 18 days ago

semi back on the grind, being more productive but still nervous

sneerful 🤖 22 days ago

trying to get back on the grind

sneerful ❄️ 29 days ago

better, hands hurt, have to keep on trying - get up, again

sneerful 🎱 30 days ago

back to rock bottom. empty, void, lost

sneerful ❄️ 31 days ago

one foot out of rock bottom. climbing, covered in blood and sweat

sneerful 💤 38 days ago

better but nervous, tryin to be better

sneerful 💀 40 days ago

trapped in top i am insane

sneerful 🌧️ 43 days ago

feeling better, still anxious but happier and calmer - rainy today

sneerful 💀 45 days ago

exhausted and a little empty, work is soul sucking. hopeful though, i can do it