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a place for meaningless posting about my life or something like that idk


nickolox 😎 18 hours ago

hi gay people in my computer we sure do be alive today yippeeee

nickolox 💤 1 day ago

sleepy time g ood night

nickolox 🥳 6 days ago


nickolox 🥰 6 days ago

working on a brand new site + i've almost finished writing a new shrine, life is good

nickolox 🌙 15 days ago

things are slowing down a little as of late, but I'm hard at work on a lot of things behind the scenes. I'm trying my best!!!

nickolox ✏️ 18 days ago

todays a good day to draw :)

nickolox 😭 22 days ago

I am not forgetting about my Site I SWEAR It's just taking me forever to write The very last parts

nickolox 😡 25 days ago

the urge to program html things is real.............

nickolox 🥺 27 days ago

a million things on the to-do list but i'm too exhausted from school to get any of them done

nickolox 🥳 29 days ago

finished my last art assignments for school today, got everything finished for art now wooooo :D

nickolox 💤 30 days ago

sometimes it's okay to waste the entire day sleeping, i did that today, and i needed it tbh. There's always tomorrow.

nickolox 🐱 31 days ago

i have all these blankets on my bed and my cat decides my clothing is the best blanket to sleep on, thanks dust.

nickolox 🤔 34 days ago

i think about it and im not sure why i dedicate myself to writing something in here once a day, maybe just to let the world know im not dead

nickolox 💤 34 days ago

so tired... i should have a rest.

nickolox ✨ 36 days ago

so close to done, wowie zowie!

nickolox 😶 37 days ago

brain is blanking out today tryna write stuff.... damn it...

nickolox 🤔 38 days ago

sorting through pics in my folders... mostly just blinkies/stamps that need sorting, Not sure where these should go on my site...

nickolox 🥳 39 days ago

i am on a fucking ROLL today god dam!!! two new pages in two days :DDDD

nickolox 🎨 39 days ago

been working on a little picrew style game for my site, just got all the functionalities done... so excited to put it all together!

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