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Occasional musings of an internet denizen.


nickolox 🤐 7 days ago

inching closer and closer to my next therapist appointment, boy oh boy. I have so much to tell him O_O

nickolox 🤔 17 days ago

Feeling tempted to code so I can distract myself from mental health problems... That should do me good.

nickolox 🌙 21 days ago

Late night musings and autism ramblings in my head, but no ones around to listen to them.

nickolox 😎 22 days ago

living the dream life of disassociating every day to the point of everything within the last 6 months becoming a blur

nickolox 😭 40 days ago

finishing a new page is always poggers aw yeah. I wish I had the brain power for fancy looks though still. sobbing

nickolox 🎁 51 days ago

🐌📧 snail mail! day after day, so fun and exciting to get stuff in the mail so often hehehehe!

nickolox 💔 62 days ago

crashed immediately after my productivity day lol. can't have shit for an extended period of time!!!!

nickolox 😱 64 days ago

my brain is exploding i had so much fucking energy yesterday and idk why or how.................... crazy fr i got so much done...

nickolox 🌧️ 67 days ago

Things have been very up and down, but I'm trying to get at least ONE thing done each day. It's helping a lot with feelings of uselessness.

nickolox 💀 88 days ago

Life is feeling unbearable ATM, what having no schedule does to a mf...

nickolox 😡 114 days ago

bought two domains, the urge to buy more is already coming to me, WHEN I GET PAID DAMN IT

nickolox 🤐 115 days ago

Feels weird that like... Christmas just kind of came, and happened. and went. I didn't even get any presents, none of us did. Just money.

nickolox 🤩 125 days ago

the tf2tism has latched onto me hard., very hard. Fuck, tf2 is addicting.

nickolox 🙂 135 days ago

today is a day to chill :)

nickolox 😭 136 days ago

late night panic attack lets goooo :'D

nickolox 🤩 146 days ago

been on a roll today, almost finished another page revamp, yippee!

nickolox 😛 156 days ago

just went out today with a bunch of friends to go out antique shopping, so much fun!!

nickolox 🤒 159 days ago

Been feeling in a bit of a rut as of late, really out of motivation to work. It's okay though, maybe a break is what I need.

nickolox 😇 166 days ago

my sister's been visiting, haven't been able to do much as of late... that's okay though, it's been nice to see her and my niece! ^_^

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