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corvidae ✨ 3 days ago

modding is so funnn

corvidae ✨ 10 days ago

when my wiimmfi waiting period is over and i can finally play mkwii online, its so over for EVERYONE

corvidae 🎁 13 days ago


corvidae 🌈 18 days ago

birthday in 5 days..!

corvidae 🌧️ 21 days ago

brain feeling like soup

corvidae 🎶 24 days ago

going to the mall tomorrow! yay!!

corvidae 💤 26 days ago

i have so many ideas but i dont wanna draww.. i wanna curl up and go eepy

corvidae 🎶 29 days ago

i watch One fnf mod video (mario madness v2) and now im thinking about it so much... gelp

corvidae 🌧️ 33 days ago

bored but my brain is at war with me so im doing nothing.. growls

corvidae ☀️ 35 days ago

got up early today, i like having a whole big day to myself :)

corvidae 💤 36 days ago

tired from the trip.. but a good kind of tired

corvidae 🌈 38 days ago

going to nintendo world + universal tomorrow! wooo

corvidae 🐶 44 days ago

got woken up by the loud ass dog grah

corvidae 💔 45 days ago

ate instant ramen, now i feel disgusting lmao

corvidae 💤 48 days ago

my sleep schedule is so ruined... and i work tomorrow morning... collapses

corvidae 🐶 50 days ago

cinnamon square cereal... mmmmm

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