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xyzi ❤️ 13 days ago

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu (isiZulu for “a person is a person through another person” or “I am because you are”)

xyzi 🌈 15 days ago

A spurious correlation: Morning is caused by rooster

xyzi 🎱 15 days ago

redundant and pleonastic

xyzi ✏️ 19 days ago

overdoing group work online, building up to 4 hrs of... more group work irl?

xyzi 🥺 45 days ago

passed the absolute worst exam

xyzi 🌱 45 days ago

7 vs. wild binge

xyzi 📖 45 days ago

Let's go on a text adventure!

xyzi 😱 54 days ago

wrecked my L and " keys

xyzi 🙂 61 days ago


xyzi 🙂 68 days ago

ain't no dog's dinner no more

xyzi 🙂 76 days ago


xyzi 🛹 80 days ago

glass shards spoiling the scrapyard

xyzi 😱 90 days ago

bad hair day streak

xyzi 🛹 91 days ago

almost pedalled my heart out today lmao

xyzi 📰 108 days ago

Stoked about archaeology!

xyzi 🥹 110 days ago

Trying to get back in touch with someone

xyzi 🤖 116 days ago

corona + chatlogs

xyzi 🤐 117 days ago

Donald Duck is to Mickey Mouse what Luigi is to Mario

xyzi 🛼 120 days ago

Character limit test complete

xyzi 🎲 120 days ago

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