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xyzi 🌈 12 days ago

ChatGPT writes weird prose, but helps me program

xyzi πŸ’€ 12 days ago

Tiktok is always showing me the same content

xyzi βœ… 12 days ago

the first time I can breathe since at least a month... the phlegm was overwhelming & utterly disgusting, but got rid of the source now

xyzi πŸ™ƒ 12 days ago

week 1: sick, week 2: presentation, week 3: accident, week 4: skipping, week 4: project starts!

xyzi 🀐 64 days ago

Europe is more diverse than I thought, also am becoming monoglot now

xyzi πŸ₯ƒ 93 days ago

physicists > physicians

xyzi πŸ’» 105 days ago

Text adventures are the essence of video games

xyzi πŸŒ™ 118 days ago

is there any healthy work left even?

xyzi ❀️ 133 days ago

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu (isiZulu for β€œa person is a person through another person” or β€œI am because you are”)

xyzi 🌈 134 days ago

A spurious correlation: Morning is caused by rooster

xyzi 🎱 135 days ago

redundant and pleonastic

xyzi ✏️ 138 days ago

overdoing group work online, building up to 4 hrs of... more group work irl?

xyzi πŸ₯Ί 165 days ago

passed the absolute worst exam

xyzi 🌱 165 days ago

7 vs. wild binge

xyzi πŸ“– 165 days ago

Let's go on a text adventure!

xyzi 😱 174 days ago

wrecked my L and " keys

xyzi πŸ™‚ 181 days ago


xyzi πŸ™‚ 188 days ago

ain't no dog's dinner no more

xyzi πŸ™‚ 196 days ago


xyzi πŸ›Ή 200 days ago

glass shards spoiling the scrapyard

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