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Ally 23 she/her nz


allyrat 💀 16 days ago

Re planning my entire Japan holiday around if/what I'm able to get tickets to Swallowtail

allyrat 😛 21 days ago

i said i was going to play some of my visual novels today but instead I ended up working on my website whoops

allyrat 🥰 34 days ago

Bought my tickets to Japan!!! I'm so excited aaaahh!!

allyrat 👽 40 days ago

Just watched Shin Godzilla

allyrat 😭 51 days ago

wish i was at the nitro chiral cafe fair right now T0T

allyrat 🙃 61 days ago

i need bejeweled but with boobs

allyrat 💔 62 days ago

i wish i could get cute novelty cakes and parfaits near me

allyrat 🥰 76 days ago

i love playing on my computer!!

allyrat 🌧️ 79 days ago

american jfashion fans scare me. love you guys but also like damn. calm down.

allyrat 🍞 87 days ago

i am what tradwives wish they were (good at baking bread)

allyrat 🙂 88 days ago

Hehe I'm excited for my paid day off on Friday

allyrat 😛 91 days ago

i love cross stitch yippieee!!!

allyrat ❄️ 98 days ago

The forbidden flavour: Salt 2

allyrat ☀️ 98 days ago

i wanna buy new lolita shoes >-<

allyrat 🌈 99 days ago

I'm 80% of the way to my Japan holiday savings goal!!!

allyrat 💀 100 days ago

My friend's coworker once said I looked like a more masculine version of f1nnster and i've literally never recovered from it

allyrat 🙂 107 days ago

Ordered a whole lot of new stickers and letter writing things!!

allyrat 💀 112 days ago

Lisa Frankenstein is so fucking good oh my god Zelda Williams is hitting the ground RUNNING w this film. Truly a film for the girls & gays

allyrat 🎁 113 days ago

For my birthday I really want Miss Dior Rose n Roses (I am delusional)

allyrat 💔 118 days ago

I love having curled hair but I hate putting my curlers in

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