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Ally 23 she/her nz


allyrat 🥰 2 days ago

re-did my tumblr theme at it looks so cuuute!!!

allyrat 🥰 3 days ago

I'm not looking forward to summer heat but I am looking forward to summer fruits

allyrat 😎 4 days ago

excited to go to the beach this weekend!

allyrat 🌧️ 6 days ago

it's so windy the house is shaking T0T I hope the garden is ok

allyrat 🍫 8 days ago

i need to be so cute it makes people nauseous

allyrat 😱 11 days ago

it's scary how many people see my website. what are you people doing in my house?????!!!!

allyrat 💤 16 days ago

sometimes i still wish i could be a real artist. but i know that's stupid so i do my best to push those feelings away

allyrat 🙂 17 days ago

I'm really enjoying playing on my 3DS, I'll have to make a log of what I play

allyrat 🥰 21 days ago

I bought a modded 3DS!!! I'm so excited for it to arrive aaahhh!!!

allyrat 🥺 22 days ago

Hoping for good news today...

allyrat 😶 24 days ago

reading fic at the speed of light so i can get this chapter finished before my meeting starts in 2 mins

allyrat 💤 27 days ago

Trying a new face mask. Apparently it's infused with rose quartz. If I still have a face in 24 hours I'll let u know

allyrat 🙂 29 days ago

Saw Oppenhimer last night!

allyrat 💤 33 days ago

getting a little tired of waiting

allyrat ❤️ 35 days ago

i think custard is my new favourite bubble tea flavour

allyrat 🥰 39 days ago

I finally finished Bardo's route of Lamento!!!!

allyrat ❤️ 41 days ago

fruit juice,,,, yumby,,,

allyrat 🙂 45 days ago

I can't wait to have my own place someday so I can host lolita meets with ease

allyrat ❄️ 45 days ago

it's so cold ;;0;;

allyrat ❤️ 46 days ago

I need to get a scanner so I can scan some of the cute wrapping paper in my collection.

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