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Ally 23 she/her nz


allyrat 🤔 69 days ago

i really need to get onto making a new pair of bloomers

allyrat 💤 70 days ago

why must having a job get in the way of reading my danmei OTL pls i only have 1 and 1/2 books left to finish

allyrat 🌈 73 days ago

i want to be so cute it hurts!!

allyrat 🥰 76 days ago

I can only make it a few pages at a time bc every time i pick up tgcf again to read it i end up kicking my legs at how cute Hua Cheng is >.<

allyrat 🌧️ 76 days ago

I prefer starting and finishing work early to starting and finishing late

allyrat 🔥 83 days ago

There's too many things I want to do!!!

allyrat ❤️ 88 days ago

cheesecake for breakfast mmm

allyrat 🥰 97 days ago

hopefully this weekend i'll be able to go out and get things to start working on my Satan statue

allyrat 🧐 99 days ago

In coding there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers

allyrat 🍦 103 days ago

just tried ube icecream. omg. life changing.

allyrat 🌈 104 days ago

hey guys allyrat world here, let me clear some things up. SATAN X DEVILMAN TOXIC YAOI EVIL YAOI SLOW DAMAGE YAOI

allyrat 💀 105 days ago

fighting my inner demons (the urge to make a mercari haul at 10pm on a wednesday)

allyrat 🤩 107 days ago

my new year's resolution is to be as cute as i possibly can!!

allyrat 🌈 109 days ago

new years eve...

allyrat 🤖 111 days ago

born to have a website, forced to code said website

allyrat 💤 113 days ago

*finally* back to my regular roster at work

allyrat 💀 115 days ago

i left my phone at my parents house im so fucking stupid oh my god

allyrat 🥰 117 days ago

been trying out a new facial moisturiser (Naito Aromatherapy) and it's so light and goes on so smooth, i think this is my new fav

allyrat 💤 117 days ago

so sleepy T0T just gotta make it to New Years

allyrat 😛 121 days ago

yaoi at da op shop!!!!!!

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