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Ally 23 she/her nz


allyrat 💤 154 days ago

*finally* back to my regular roster at work

allyrat 💀 155 days ago

i left my phone at my parents house im so fucking stupid oh my god

allyrat 🥰 158 days ago

been trying out a new facial moisturiser (Naito Aromatherapy) and it's so light and goes on so smooth, i think this is my new fav

allyrat 💤 158 days ago

so sleepy T0T just gotta make it to New Years

allyrat 😛 161 days ago

yaoi at da op shop!!!!!!

allyrat 🌈 162 days ago

my taste in music and media never really expanded beyond that of a teenager, but I don't really see what's wrong with that

allyrat ✨ 164 days ago

I bought some pretty coloured paper to make origami stars!

allyrat 💔 167 days ago

it finally happened boys, my animal crossing new leaf corrupted and the backup was irretrievable. Thus ends my gamer arc <//3

allyrat 🔥 169 days ago

I need to become cuter

allyrat ❄️ 171 days ago

gingerbread house kit obtained!!!

allyrat 🥰 173 days ago

i wanna make a ginger bread house!!!!!

allyrat 📺 174 days ago

if i ever become famous for whatever reason my only hope is that i become the obsession of a 58yo transvestigator on facebook

allyrat 🥰 177 days ago

while I'm not a huge fan of earl grey tea, the earl grey pie i made is delectable

allyrat 🥺 178 days ago

i want churros,,,

allyrat 🐶 179 days ago

the only things driving me forward in life right now are lolita dresses and yaoi

allyrat 🍾 180 days ago

oh my god kissinger finally died we poppin the biggest bottles tonight

allyrat 🍫 180 days ago

i won't lie i love cheap kiddies christmas chocolate. that shit is so good like it sucks but it's so good

allyrat 🍕 181 days ago

i love lolita fashion but sometimes it does make me feel like an enormous, bulbous land whale

allyrat 💀 183 days ago

to whoever is setting off fireworks on a monday night: i hope you explode

allyrat 🍣 186 days ago

hot dog,,,..,.,,...,,

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