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i've got a bit on my mind


conductorpepper 🥳 14 hours ago

i can finally finish spirited away :3 !!!

conductorpepper 🙃 116 days ago

i think the sunk cost fallacy caught me

conductorpepper 🐱 121 days ago

can some websites just not have their fixed topbars take 3/10 of the screen like :<

conductorpepper 🙂 132 days ago

found a somewhat old camcorder and it feels awesome!!!

conductorpepper 💀 206 days ago

figured out my computer had 1000 more gb and i'm just filled with the utmost disappointment thank you costco

conductorpepper 🎬 218 days ago

edited a video for the first time and i feel awesome !!!

conductorpepper 🤩 227 days ago

watched across the spiderverse and it was awesome