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monsieurdoll 🎮 7 days ago

i hate being away from my computer uewah

monsieurdoll 🎮 22 days ago

nyanda is ruining my life and haunting my dreams

monsieurdoll 🎮 24 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DMMD!!!!!!!!!!! 🧠⚡️

monsieurdoll 🎮 34 days ago

my life has been changed forever (finished lamento)

monsieurdoll 🎮 35 days ago

lamento music got me fucked up ue ue

monsieurdoll 🎮 37 days ago

finally finished the morphine mini blog

monsieurdoll 🎮 38 days ago

grrrrr lamento grrrrrrrrrr must play lamento

monsieurdoll 🎮 49 days ago

wish i was home playing lamento..

monsieurdoll 🎮 49 days ago

index v2 got me feelin wacky