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mr krabs

dog brain: abridged


wolves 🛹 6 days ago

wolves? he became avril lavigne's 2002 hit sk8r boi and is grinding radio waves through space. no he can't call you back.

wolves 🍏 13 days ago

really feeling the beauty of nature this morning. damn. trees are just *chefkiss no one cooks like mother earth

wolves 👀 13 days ago

instant ramen

wolves ✏️ 15 days ago

pixel art... difficult

wolves 💀 17 days ago

i wanna do art but i am r e p r e s s e d

wolves 🎷 19 days ago

overthinking again!

wolves ⛳️ 25 days ago

damaged hair finally all cut off, time to bleach again y/y?

wolves 🌱 28 days ago

grudging respect to the previous owner for giving this pothos depression. literally how. h o w.

wolves 👀 42 days ago

the aesthetic of giant weapons-grade calligraphy brushes has me by the neck every time

wolves 🌱 46 days ago

Jasmine plant in the post I am HYPED

wolves 💡 50 days ago

i love art

wolves 📺 52 days ago

i wanna watch... anime

wolves 💤 53 days ago

weird day

wolves 📰 59 days ago

video game down but i want to play video game, how am i supposed to live like this??? i need to speak to the manager of all video games now

wolves 👀 64 days ago

the drama

wolves 🔥 65 days ago

i feel.... creating... art...... trying to.... consume...... me.......... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAA

wolves 📖 69 days ago

manifestation journaling my personal website

wolves ✨ 69 days ago

thinking about that one parrot singing let the bodies hit the floor. an icon.

wolves 🙃 72 days ago

apartment friendly workouts aren't enough i need your apartment is made of paper and your neighbours hear e v e r y t h i n g workouts

wolves 💀 74 days ago

dehydrating because i'm too lazy to reach for my drink

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