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18 y/o girl who makes games and music :> known variously as Theepicosity, kule epiku Atawan, adrisalt, or by my real name, Adrian. jan pi toki pona, arizona utc-7, open to dms <3


theepie 🥹 52 days ago

had my senior sendoff for fbla today, it was wonderful and quite emotional and very fun :)

theepie 🍏 53 days ago

im gonna make aspic today :)

theepie 🌈 54 days ago

double rainboom

theepie 😇 58 days ago

i want to watch an animated series with the characters from the menu screen

theepie 🤖 62 days ago

made a completely new game today, lets see how far it goes!

theepie ✏️ 63 days ago

im so seki-kun fr

theepie 🤩 66 days ago

devious ahh beat, even quite sinister perhaps

theepie 🥱 67 days ago

what to do.... ive dashed all the geometry out of me

theepie 💤 68 days ago

my economics homework sits in the corner, pining for a day in which i complete it

theepie 🍞 68 days ago

geometry dash

theepie 😡 69 days ago


theepie ✨ 69 days ago

life is goooood i can work on so many things without feeling stressed oml

theepie 🐱 71 days ago

feel so much more chill :3

theepie 🤔 74 days ago

i think, therefore i lon

theepie 🌧️ 83 days ago

aaaaaa i skipped school again

theepie 🌧️ 83 days ago

so much things to do but i dont have any timeeeee

theepie 😶 85 days ago

mi kon taso

theepie 🙂 86 days ago

omg i added shaders to my game !! but it doesnt look good at all so i gotta do that

theepie 🧋 90 days ago

i tried sugar cane juice for the first time it was aight kinda eh

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