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17 y/o girl who makes games and music :> known variously as Theepicosity, kule epiku Atawan, adrisalt, or by my real name, Adrian. jan pi toki pona, arizona utc-7, open to dms <3


theepie 📚 13 hours ago

today is saturday so i go to the library

theepie ☀️ 2 days ago


theepie ❤️ 3 days ago

i just wanna say you're pretty cool ;)

theepie 🐱 4 days ago

brb gonna become a discord kitten =^o.o^=

theepie 🎮 6 days ago

mi when i wanna play minecraft u.u

theepie 📱 8 days ago

you couldnt do anything from the lower ten floors :3

theepie 🫖 8 days ago

pali mute li lon li lon ala wile mi

theepie 💤 9 days ago

help im supposed to be writing an essay instead im digging up my entire past

theepie ❤️ 10 days ago

dying cutely

theepie 📰 13 days ago

i wanna make a website so bad but i also have to make a website for a competition but i dont wanna do that one i wanna do a different one

theepie ✏️ 14 days ago

last night manic writing 2000 words in toki pona ona li nasa

theepie ❄️ 15 days ago


theepie 😱 16 days ago

help obama bush is in my dreams T_T

theepie 🎮 17 days ago

video games

theepie ❤️ 17 days ago

valentines day is so cute even if u dont have a partner its just feel good day :D

theepie 🤖 17 days ago

slept too much now found authentic 2001 webpage

theepie ☀️ 18 days ago

hom e from school ^_^

theepie 🌈 19 days ago

today voxella i updated some bugs in my game not fixed just updated

theepie 🍞 19 days ago

8th graders visited my school today i didnt talk to any of them. i just wanna go home and be more productive

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