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fritz, she/they, alleged human being

you'll never see a more pathetic webpage

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sclptures ❤️ 4 hours ago

this waffle so good

sclptures 🎱 1 day ago

can i just have a meaningful conversation with somebody my age IN PERSON? literslly stop fucking around

sclptures 🎱 1 day ago

this mental breakdown is sponsored by: raid shadow legends

sclptures 🎱 1 day ago

why are you alpha sigma omega delta lamdba epsilon males always fucking going to dubai. GO AWAY.

sclptures 🎱 2 days ago

wwhat do you mean bounce by system of a down isn't about a guy showing off his pogo skills...

sclptures 💔 2 days ago

to whoever is grabbing my uterus and squeezing it violently like a stress ball: STOP

sclptures ❤️ 3 days ago

i want to bang my head against a wall until my brain matter spills out

sclptures 🍷 3 days ago

it's shark week baby (help me)

sclptures 🎱 4 days ago

i can't believe i had a crush on the red m&m when i was a kid, what was wrong with me

sclptures 🎱 4 days ago

i woke up sweating so much my hair was wet. i sure do love sweating from the itchiest place on my body (my scalp)

sclptures ❤️ 5 days ago

I ❤️ Himbos

sclptures 🎱 5 days ago

i'm ok at drawing

sclptures 🎱 6 days ago

fuck it, we artfight... you're telling me i have to DRAW a reference?

sclptures 🎱 6 days ago

father's day this, father's day that, where's FATHERLESS day

sclptures 🎱 8 days ago

if i were to (hypothetically) go on antidepressants i'm pretty sure i would straight up enter a vegetative state. i already feel so empty

sclptures ❤️ 8 days ago

i want to live in a beach house

sclptures 🎱 9 days ago

the amount of school i missed. should i just kill myself

sclptures 🎱 10 days ago

my fuckass shower doesn't stop changing temperature

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