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she/they who draws, i post on here a lot because nothing better to do

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sclptures 🎱 12 hours ago

insert cash or select payment type

sclptures 🎱 14 hours ago

people in comments either have the best take on a song or the worst, there is no inbetween

sclptures 🎱 15 hours ago

my mum always says "every person on earth has a purpose" but girl i sit in my room all day what??????

sclptures 🎱 16 hours ago

why do i love html margins so much...

sclptures 🎱 1 day ago

my spine jusr let out the crunchiest crack lord have mercy

sclptures 🎱 1 day ago

stayed up ahain thats so awesome and cool and sexy yah

sclptures 🎱 1 day ago

html coding is harder than my cock... how is this possible... (i do not have a cock )

sclptures 🎱 1 day ago

im gonna frow up i just figured out how to add a consistent footer on all my pages

sclptures 🎱 2 days ago

feeling so weird and awful these past few days. i thought abt hurting myself but i never truly acted on it until last night and the night b4

sclptures 🎱 2 days ago

ooops i stayed up again time to AAAARRRGGHGHH hate it mmmggfk

sclptures 🎶 2 days ago

the more i listen to soad the better the songs get

sclptures 🎱 2 days ago

i hope shuts down im not even joking this shit is actually so addictive

sclptures 🎶 2 days ago

oooouh it doesnt matter what you think of us

sclptures 🎱 3 days ago

i need a psychiatrist.... aggggghh

sclptures 🎱 4 days ago

rope is looking a lil too cute rn

sclptures 🎱 5 days ago

ddsddsd i feel like poo poo :(

sclptures 🎱 5 days ago

cold + eepy do not mix

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