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lalalahyuponia 🙂 47 days ago

even in this winter break, where i have all the time in the world, i dont have enough time ??

lalalahyuponia 😶 146 days ago

Shatter the heavens that does not hear us.

lalalahyuponia 😶 151 days ago

can yall believe it its october soon l;hgkfjk::ljfgkl

lalalahyuponia 😶 162 days ago

might just be nocebo but i feel so sick

lalalahyuponia 😶 190 days ago

doing something i don't know how to do drives me insane one must imagine sisyphus happy

lalalahyuponia 🙂 202 days ago

so much to do but things i gotta do is freakene high-maintainance high-whatdoyoucallit, high-weight?

lalalahyuponia 🙂 207 days ago

dehydration hit me its crazy (the unrelated fever was crazier) if youre reading this remember to drink water

lalalahyuponia 🙂 247 days ago

ive so many things i wanna make yet not enough energy, nor time to get the energy from

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