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lalalahyuponia 😶 34 days ago

i still think every weekend should be 3 days

lalalahyuponia 😶 34 days ago

bitter spite at nothing; into the aethos

lalalahyuponia 🙂 48 days ago

vocal cords? vocal cords cognitive dissonance? i think we should all go find the old cruel god who did this to us and destroy him

lalalahyuponia 😱 71 days ago

what the hell are cauliflowers man holy hell

lalalahyuponia 😶 103 days ago

Hello World I Would Like 1000 More Hours For Myself Please

lalalahyuponia 🙂 167 days ago

even in this winter break, where i have all the time in the world, i dont have enough time ??

lalalahyuponia 🙂 174 days ago

webbed site webbed site webbed site

lalalahyuponia 😶 266 days ago

Shatter the heavens that does not hear us.

lalalahyuponia 😶 271 days ago

can yall believe it its october soon l;hgkfjk::ljfgkl

lalalahyuponia 😶 283 days ago

might just be nocebo but i feel so sick

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