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m15o 💾 470 days ago

Okay, OpenBSD is fun

m15o 🙃 471 days ago

Learning OpenBSD, or trying to!

m15o 🥱 476 days ago

sooo tired today.

m15o 🍷 478 days ago

wine and golang!

m15o 🔥 503 days ago


m15o ☕️ 505 days ago

@altair4 Coffee all day days are the best days!

m15o 🍕 509 days ago

Had a pizza as well tonight! Looks like there's a bunch of us! <3

m15o 💾 512 days ago

I'm testing Kagi as my default search engine

m15o 🔥 513 days ago

@tabby you got it! Also your website looks incredible.

m15o 💾 515 days ago

Looking to start a game but don't know which one... any recommendation welcome!

m15o 🎶 516 days ago

@vaerael I just listened out of curiosity and it's really good! Also, love your profile!

m15o 🎶 516 days ago

*Actually not so hard to relax! Just listen to Auzziejay songs on Yesterweb's Radio

m15o 👽 516 days ago

it's so hard to relax...

m15o 💀 520 days ago

Feeling tired/sick today.

m15o 🤖 523 days ago

Been playing freecell too much

m15o 💾 526 days ago

Re-learning elisp

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