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m15o πŸ“° 36 minutes ago

Just subscribed to melon's newsletter!

m15o 🍺 14 hours ago

Gin old fashioned

m15o 🍺 1 day ago

stout time!

m15o πŸ₯³ 1 day ago

Tama has slept well. It's now awake and is 2 years old.

m15o πŸ€– 2 days ago

Just got a tamagotchi

m15o 😴 3 days ago

Soooo tired

m15o πŸ“Ί 7 days ago

Playing Mario

m15o ✏️ 7 days ago

Just saw there’s a virtual pet jam!

m15o πŸ₯³ 9 days ago

Looks like status.cafe received its first spam! I reverted to manually approving new joiners for now. :)

m15o πŸš„ 9 days ago

In the train

m15o 🍱 10 days ago

I need to eat healthier

m15o πŸ€” 10 days ago

Should I get a tamagotchi?

m15o 🍺 11 days ago


m15o 🌧️ 12 days ago

All I see is rain

m15o πŸ€– 13 days ago

Back to work. Been good to recharge for a little!

m15o πŸ• 14 days ago

Filo pastry is best pastry.

m15o πŸ₯³ 14 days ago

Just finished the first version of vpub.miso.town

m15o 😱 14 days ago

Discovering how simple obtaining and renewing an ssl certificate is with nginx and let's encrypt.

m15o 🍺 15 days ago

Gin old fashioned? Gin old fashioned.

m15o ❀️ 16 days ago

Happy end of 2021 everyone

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