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m15o 🎶 2 hours ago

*Actually not so hard to relax! Just listen to Auzziejay songs on Yesterweb's Radio

m15o 👽 2 hours ago

it's so hard to relax...

m15o 💀 4 days ago

Feeling tired/sick today.

m15o 🤖 7 days ago

Been playing freecell too much

m15o 💾 10 days ago

Re-learning elisp

m15o 🍕 24 days ago


m15o 🤖 27 days ago

Inbox zero

m15o ⛵ 32 days ago

surfing on the internet

m15o 🔥 33 days ago

@melon that's incredible, Congrats! It takes courage!

m15o ❤️ 36 days ago

@skykristal I'm beyoooond impressed of your profile!

m15o ☕ 41 days ago

coffee time

m15o ☕ 44 days ago

Made a batch of cold brew, and it tastes great

m15o 😭 49 days ago

The site (and all my other projects) were down for the past 24 hours, so sorry for the disruption. :(

m15o 💾 52 days ago

i might have played too much runescape

m15o ☕ 68 days ago

"Dont keep making the same mistakes; try to make new mistakes."

m15o 🔥 72 days ago

Incredible interview cinni!

m15o 🥳 75 days ago

Introducing... https://wobble.town! A strange little place amidst Dusk's End, where pixelated creature seem to have settled.

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