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vaerael 💀 77 days ago

recently ive been super duper into working on my lego city and wow! there are so many cool sets i cannot wait to show them off ;u;

vaerael 💀 158 days ago

mcr played sister to sleep live for the first time since 2003!!!! i dont know what to do with myself!!! i cant live a normal life anymore!!!

vaerael 💀 179 days ago

*giggles cutely* like... nya~☆ ! *is rent asunder*

vaerael 👀 191 days ago

oughhh... gerard way................

vaerael 💀 256 days ago

oh to be an unemployed housewife.......

vaerael 💀 262 days ago

been listening to 10 simple murders by the future kings of nowhere on repeat (not literally)... song of the summer

vaerael 📺 262 days ago

i am being so normal about stranger things i swear (lying)

vaerael ❤️ 263 days ago

not dead just vibing