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hi, tabby here and this is my profile
also the plural of status is stati because i said so


tabby 🤐 17 days ago

gml will return to schedule by next week, last week will be finished by then (sorry)

tabby 💤 22 days ago

double gml tomorrow i swear

tabby 🐱 37 days ago

hey remember me (no you dont) so maybe i should remember about the site

tabby 🐱 119 days ago

oh yeah right the webbed site

tabby 😭 238 days ago

no gml this week cuz ive been kinda busy

tabby 🐱 249 days ago


tabby 😎 254 days ago

im gonna do something epic on the site next week i swear

tabby 💀 261 days ago

oh shit i forgor this exists

tabby 💀 392 days ago

school *dies*

tabby 🥳 408 days ago

yoooooooooooooooooooo 40k views

tabby 😎 415 days ago


tabby 😎 426 days ago

i made a johnvertisement

tabby 😎 428 days ago

30k views moment

tabby 🐱 430 days ago

we do a little bit of styling

tabby 👀 432 days ago

yooo my wobble evolved

tabby 😎 432 days ago

finally made the scrollbar on firefox look good, took me long enough

tabby 😎 435 days ago

still working hard (still hardly working)

tabby 😎 437 days ago

working hard (hardly working)

tabby 🐱 439 days ago

made a account, gonna add the wobble to the website in approximately 3

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