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hi, tabby here and this is my profile
also the plural of status is stati because i said so


tabby 🥳 33 days ago

happy world bee day everyone; in other news, hopefully i should finish moving the website soon

tabby ☀️ 44 days ago


tabby 👀 67 days ago

redesigning the site rn, hopefully should be done by this or next week

tabby 🥳 74 days ago

the website turns two years old today yippie

tabby 😂 82 days ago

despite everything, my last statement was not an april fools joke

tabby 💻 82 days ago

sup gamers, tabby here; i have been gone for several months; i hope that im able to do something on the site by next week; well see you then

tabby 🤐 291 days ago

gml will return to schedule by next week, last week will be finished by then (sorry)

tabby 💤 296 days ago

double gml tomorrow i swear

tabby 🐱 311 days ago

hey remember me (no you dont) so maybe i should remember about the site

tabby 🐱 393 days ago

oh yeah right the webbed site

tabby 😭 512 days ago

no gml this week cuz ive been kinda busy

tabby 🐱 523 days ago


tabby 😎 529 days ago

im gonna do something epic on the site next week i swear

tabby 💀 535 days ago

oh shit i forgor this exists

tabby 💀 666 days ago

school *dies*

tabby 🥳 682 days ago

yoooooooooooooooooooo 40k views

tabby 😎 690 days ago


tabby 😎 700 days ago

i made a johnvertisement

tabby 😎 702 days ago

30k views moment

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