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altair4 🙃 23 days ago

How many times today have I said that this is too much redneck dumbfuckery..

altair4 😂 114 days ago

So glad I got to get my first Covid illness out of the way before the new year.

altair4 😂 124 days ago

Nearly had to stand up and give a testimonial as to what I was grateful for at Thanksgiving dinner. Spectrum brain almost short circuited.

altair4 🤖 189 days ago

It may be 800 degrees outside, but the steps must still be gotten.

altair4 🔥 192 days ago

False alarm. It's hot outside again.

altair4 ✨ 198 days ago

It's not hot outside. IT'S NOT HOT OUTSIDE.

altair4 ☕️ 255 days ago

It's a coffee all day day.

altair4 🔥 264 days ago

Literally on fire. It's so hot out there.

altair4 💀 271 days ago

Work is amazingly crazy.

altair4 😴 274 days ago

It's too early.