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subtransience is a cyberpunk/biopunk web series I'll be working on soon


lilliphilia 🥺 8 days ago

Thinking of changing jobs, but terrified of change.

lilliphilia 📖 15 days ago

thinking I should probably undertake my x-yearly read of Imajica again soon.

lilliphilia 🥺 26 days ago

my mastodon instance seems to be down/unreachable a lot lately & it’s making me feel more isolated than usual. Silly, ne?

lilliphilia 💾 28 days ago

I may have found a win9x PC around the corner from me… but it’s expensive for what it is& I’d still need a display/vga converter

lilliphilia 💾 39 days ago

standing in line at the supermarket wondering what a grue looks like

lilliphilia 📖 40 days ago

I wish my brain was more suited to manga &graphic novels. I'd love to read Angel Sanctuary (which deserved a far better OVA)

lilliphilia ❤️ 42 days ago

oh for the scent of bergamot & frankincense, and autumn roses

lilliphilia 🥰 45 days ago

@m15o eee, thank you! that was a lovely compliment to wake up to ^.^

lilliphilia 🌧️ 45 days ago

the rain is finally here, like a sigh of relief

lilliphilia 🥺 45 days ago

@evenstar I like having somewhere to go to at least look in on you even if I'm mostly too shy/stupid to speak to you, but I do understand...

lilliphilia 🎶 46 days ago

I feel like a “mix tape” of night time music is in order.

lilliphilia 🥰 47 days ago

The Vulpes Ferrilata still makes me smile

lilliphilia 😶 49 days ago

somewhere between the edge& the abyss…

lilliphilia 🎶 54 days ago

A “king of silence” by cibo matto kinda vibe

lilliphilia 😴 56 days ago

it’s only 2 in the afternoon and I can’t tell if I’m sleepy or just lethally bored…

lilliphilia 😯 59 days ago

just discovered Audrey in the Moulin Rouge film is David Wenham, lol. Awesome. ^.^

lilliphilia 🥺 60 days ago

the whole thing is summed up by this emoji. possibly always...

lilliphilia 🐱 61 days ago

smol cat stole my seat to be closer to the sun and is now purring loudly & trilling behind me…

lilliphilia 🍺 63 days ago

Might go a nice alcoholic ginger beer when I get home. A few more $ &a bit further down the road with my writing & I would’ve quit today

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