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subtransience is a cyberpunk/biopunk web series I'll be working on soon


lilliphilia 🥺 174 days ago

So burnt out it’s like I can barely cough up a sentence with any kind of meaning to people I care about, or my words get tangled into knots

lilliphilia 🥺 214 days ago

finished watching Rings Of Power. Back to feeling lonely now I guess. That, or making up my own worlds to live in. That would be good, too.

lilliphilia 🥺 251 days ago

trying to avoid the “news”, read a lot of books, and nurture hope…

lilliphilia 📖 346 days ago

excited for uni to start next month. also, I think I need to resurrect my to-do lists, lest I sink back into a work-related miasma.

lilliphilia 🌧️ 356 days ago

been away so long that my login expired ^^; I should probably update my journal one of these days too eheh

lilliphilia 🌱 369 days ago

For the first time in years I’m looking forward to something. I’m not sure why this change of heart but I’ll dare enjoy it while it lasts…

lilliphilia 🥺 381 days ago

Thinking of changing jobs, but terrified of change.

lilliphilia 📖 388 days ago

thinking I should probably undertake my x-yearly read of Imajica again soon.

lilliphilia 🥺 400 days ago

my mastodon instance seems to be down/unreachable a lot lately & it’s making me feel more isolated than usual. Silly, ne?

lilliphilia 💾 402 days ago

I may have found a win9x PC around the corner from me… but it’s expensive for what it is& I’d still need a display/vga converter

lilliphilia 💾 413 days ago

standing in line at the supermarket wondering what a grue looks like

lilliphilia 📖 414 days ago

I wish my brain was more suited to manga &graphic novels. I'd love to read Angel Sanctuary (which deserved a far better OVA)

lilliphilia ❤️ 416 days ago

oh for the scent of bergamot & frankincense, and autumn roses

lilliphilia 🥰 418 days ago

@m15o eee, thank you! that was a lovely compliment to wake up to ^.^

lilliphilia 🌧️ 418 days ago

the rain is finally here, like a sigh of relief

lilliphilia 🥺 419 days ago

@evenstar I like having somewhere to go to at least look in on you even if I'm mostly too shy/stupid to speak to you, but I do understand...

lilliphilia 🎶 420 days ago

I feel like a “mix tape” of night time music is in order.

lilliphilia 🥰 420 days ago

The Vulpes Ferrilata still makes me smile

lilliphilia 😶 423 days ago

somewhere between the edge& the abyss…

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